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  1. No, don’t worry about it. I’ve seen worse arrangements over even smaller things. At least everyone was pretty mature about it too.
  2. Look. At this point we should all try not to get worked up over some words someone said. Waste of energy and time. Let’s just all calm down and chill out. : )
  3. All in all, it’s just sad that an option was the racist card. If you’re gonna respond to someone with a reply, at least read their messages and don’t bring in false claims. Thank you.
  4. Yea, I know. I saw the message up ahead. I was just as confused as you are when it was, Wasn’t really coming at you or anyone about it, just stating on the fact it has no part in the thread.
  5. As a new seller myself, I did realize that most of my questions have been answered since that’s what we noobs will do. Also, why in the world was race brought up? It has nothing to do with that at the slightest. It’s more based on what you do here as agig, not you’re race. I don’t think everyone would want someone who…lets say reviews your docs or draws you something. What you do will affect what you earn. Now everyone stop going at it like your complaining about your favorite character from a show and move on with your day. Please.
  6. I like hearing about them because it’s like if you pressed a randomize button. To start off, here’s mine. I was about 8 at the time. me and some friends were playing this made up game, right? We were acting like we were on a great adventure and stuff. It was fun. BUT, I remember this part every well, we were gonna ‘adventure into the far unknown’ which would be a long journey. So I told my friend, 'Be safe on this rash journey!" Then I kissed her. I FLAT OUT GAVE HER A SMOOCH and she was like, “oh, ok.” Like, I didn’t have a crush on her or anything but DANG. It still haunts me to this day the more and more I think about it. Aren’t I a ladykiller? XD So, yea that’s mine, heh.
  7. 3 more days!. I’m super pumped!. What do you guys do for Christmas?
  8. This may be helpful to you: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/responding-to-buyer-requests And good ol’ @lloydsolutions here to save the day! Thanks again!
  9. Well I did get one to draw the banana duct tape art…which was odd pfft-
  10. I’ve finally been getting buyer requests and they are making me so nervous! I haven’t gotten any orders yet but still. I hope you guys are having a great day!!
  11. Hello! Welcome to Fiverr. As an artist myself, it’s nice seeing others like me. Mostly I can tell you to look at the different topics for tips. If anything, it’s mostly about patience and keeping up with the game! All of the best of luck to you!!
  12. Holy Dang! Christmas is right around the corner! Any plans, anyone? For me, I’m just gonna take it easy and relax for once. XD
  13. For me , I like to listen to game OST’s like Minecraft’s or songs by Lemon Demon. Maybe throw in a few anime openings too with a little bit of lofi hip-hop. What about you guys?
  14. Maybe make more gigs for a high chance of getting a order.
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