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  1. Sir i did not edit all gigs i edit only price of one gig but why removed all gig? i am active 24/7 when i go to sleep i put my mobile on screen of fiverr as you said 2 reason which i didn’t thanks
  2. I have edit 1 gig not all, but why my all gig removed i dont understand this
  3. i have total 9 gigs and 3 gig rank on the first page so far and one gig was ranked on 3 keywords but i don’t know why my all gig removed from the search result in its too strange for me even my all gigs active. currently, i am level 1 seller and only $50 order remaining in $2000 complete and one order cancel. i have dought on order cancel. please need your help i am depressed how i am secure on Fiverr my all livings depend on Fiverr if they remove my gig on search result i have good ratings with good feedback
  4. currently, I have 1 profile and in that profile created 7 gigs and i want to make more gig so can I make another profile and use it on the same device… I mean can I use 2 Fiverr profile in my mobile
  5. hello everyone! currently, I am new on Fiverr and I am getting good orders but I have some friends who did some silly mistakes and got his Fiverr account ban so I worry about my account please which is the reasons to Fiverr banning our seller account like don’t ask review to client and his personal contact information, etc. so tell me please which is the silly reasons of account ban
  6. my 3 order in waiting for rating when it will come in pending clearance? the client is not doing mark as reading order what I do?
  7. when I am trying to withdraw money there is showing error " Network Problem You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity please try again later. " NOTE: now I am trying to withdraw it but error changes now Limited attempts reached ** looks like you’ve reached maximum number of verification attempts. please try again within 24h** please help i am very depressed
  8. buyer was forget to give reivew and buyer was happy with my service so can i ask him to please dont forget to leave your review?
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