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  1. I have sent the buyer a message but he isn’t replying. All I get from CS is an automated message.
  2. Hello community, I don’t know if it is a bug or something else. I completed a task for a client and after about 10 days of completion, I received a message that my order was cancelled by support. and there was no reason stated for this. I have sent support a message and I keep getting the automated response. Please can anyone help me or tell me what’s going on?
  3. How do they make the large payment? I have to give my card number or sign in to Paypal to purchase something. So they would need not only your card number, but know the answers to your security questions to change your contact info. Not to mention the little 3 digit number on the back of the card. Also since when does a new fiverr account earn $5000 in the first 6 weeks? it’s possible it is a long-term hack. they must have been monitoring his account and used certain phishing techniques to get such details. But I guess you should first and foremost change your password to stop any future hacks and continue to seek solution from Fiverr support
  4. Hope it didn’t exceed the maximum tag of 5? if it exceeds 5 you can’t insert anymore tags.
  5. while waiting for Fiverr to resolve the issue, try to activate the 2FA security. it helps. Do this for all your online accounts (be it social or business). My candid advice to all.
  6. I also have the same problem of ‘No Orders’. is this part of the bug?
  7. as a new user on Fiverr, your best bet is your social sphere. I had to share my gig with my social media friends at least twice a week. My first gig came from there. once you get your first gig, deliver top-notch job and deliver on time. PS: this will only work once some certain criteria are met. have an understandable gig descriptionA clear profile image (preferably an image of yourself)add a gig description video and imageput up a competitive price.I guess this should help you as a new user.
  8. to get more orders I recommend the following: Promote yourself Use Buyers request have a great profile image and description video this should help you boost your ranking and eventually your sales.
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