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  1. Happy to hear that you got back your account, would you like to share your experience how did you verify your account with passport? please. Thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. Welcome to the community, best of luck for your journey
  3. Welcome to the Fiverr, best of luck. In this forum you will get some awesome tips and tricks to grow up, explore this beautiful forum.
  4. Welcome to the community! Best of luck
  5. never give up! best wishes for your first success soon
  6. For me it shows in a certain time of the day, and the other times it shows but not that much.
  7. Have you checked your mail? I think Fiverr will mail you the details
  8. as I remember it took 2 months to get the first one
  9. I mean you are talking about the project that you completed, doesn’t show the preview in your profile, is it?
  10. Thanks a lot for your information! 😍
  11. Hello and welcome. Best wishes for your journey
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