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  1. i got this feature but i want to know that can i stop ad after spend gift 10$?
  2. I have completed order of 25$, as well as I got 5$ tips. But I earned 22.50$. It’s invalid commission. I’m not agree with this.
  3. Hi there. I want to know that if any buyer send me his any other contact details directly. Then what I to do? If we’ll not send any msg to them then maybe our response rate go down. I want to read full TnC of Fiverr about conversation.
  4. Screenshot_2020-10-27-19-20-38-55720×1280 73.2 KBPlease check out screenshot
  5. I have edited my a gig but now my gig doesn’t appear in search. I did contact CS but my problem is not solved yet. Anybody can check my gig… https://www.fiverr.com/share/YowxVQPlease Help me!!!
  6. I was getting order very well but now I’m very sad last more than 2 mounth. Accidently I don’t know what happened! 😔
  7. Hi there. My gigs were on top in first page, when i did edit only one gig my all gigs went to last page down. I shocked when i seen gigs. I did edit my gig 2 days ago but my all gigs are down yet. I what to do???
  8. My work is translation, transcription in hindi and pdf conversion.
  9. I have edited a gig. I am facing this problem
  10. Hi there. I have share my gig on social media yesterday but my impression and click etc. has been very down. I don’t know what happened? My all gigs are showing.
  11. Hi there. I want to know that when will be save our balance after delivery. Can buyer cancel order after withdraw?
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