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  1. Thanks a lot for your valuable information.
  2. If you want to stay long time at fiverr, Be professional, honest and keep your patience.
  3. I have completed 16 project. I also got 12 good reviews . But when I received level one seller, I didn’t get orders and my buyer request is not fit my gig.
  4. Recently I also got level 1 seller. After this position I can’t understands buyer request and didn’t get any message or order
  5. Thanks for your advice. I will follow it.
  6. Hi Guys, I am level one seller at fiverr. Recently I have notice that, when I got level one position, I didn’t any order. Plz I need help! I have completed 16 orders before level one with good reviews.
  7. try to stay long time on fiverr and send buyer request
  8. Congratulation! Hope you will complete your work very nicely and try to get positive ratings.
  9. Promote your gig on Social media and send buyer request every day.
  10. Always try to maintain response time and send 2 buyers request . Not much more
  11. I also facing this problem. No impression, clicks, odrer all gigs
  12. My Buyer also gave me 3 star ratings with positive comments. Buyer was happy with my work. But he told me " I give you 5 start, how it happened I don’t understand". Now wanted change it but he can’t. Now as result, My account effected for that.
  13. Recently I got 3 star and comment was positive form my buyer. He was happy with my work. But unfortunately buyer gave me 3 star ratings. Buyer told me " I gave you 5 star but how it is happened , I don’t understand ". He want to change it but he can’t do it. Now a result, I can’t reply buyer request and don’t come any order. My gig impression not bad. Give me advice how can I overcome.
  14. Hi everyone, Recently I got 3 star rating from my buyer. He was happy to my work. But Unfortunately buyer give me 3 star ratings. Then buyer told me “I give you 5 star ratings but how is it happened, I don’t understand”. Now he want to change it but he can’t. It was just mistake. Now as a result, My account is effected for that. I can’t reply buyer request. So I thing fiverr must have ratings change option**. :thinking:
  15. Thanks for your reply Bro. My buyer didn’t understand review. He told me how i remove but it wasn’t possible. Now I can’t reply buyer request. What can I do ? :thinking:
  16. Try to get more ⭐5 reviews on the future that’s what under your control. Thanks. But I can’t reply for Buyer request
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