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  1. Oh wow I hope everything was okay afterwards. I don’t block people that often on Fiverr, only when necessary, if one of those people placed an order I would’ve panicked
  2. That’s true. Well be glad you can get away from annoying buyers! 😂
  3. So today I had to block a user on Fiverr, I blocked them through the website first, a couple hours later I got messages from this user, I was on my phone and apparently they were not blocked so I did it again and they still managed to send 2 more messages? Not sure if this happened to anyone else but it sounds like a bug
  4. I agree with this. If nothing else it will buy you an extra day or two before customer support is able to respond, if the buyer declines to cancel. I’ll send one then, thank you. Hope they accept it.
  5. I’m only freaking out because in about 14 hours this buyer will be able to forcefuly cancel the order and leave a 1 star review without non of it being my fault. I already made a post about it but they basicly ordered my gig as a joke and asked for something that had nothing to do with what Im actualy selling.
  6. Is there ANY other way to contact the customer support other than email? I created a ticket over 24 hours ago, no response yet and I am running out of time
  7. Probably just a bug, try the app maybe
  8. They usualy don’t but even if they do you should contact them so they can cancel the order without it affecting your stats. Talk to them about the previous order too.
  9. You should report this to the CS. This is not the kind of sellers we want in this platform
  10. I’m not sure if this is what you mean but DO NOT tell your buyer to give you an excelent rating or feedback, that can be seen as manipulation and it’s against the ToS.
  11. You should report his message(s) as spam
  12. In my cases, the buyers were either abusive or wanted me to do more work than was included in the package. Once I had a buyer who sent me a 28,000-word book and only booked my 5,000-word proofreading gig. Lol, he said he thought I would want to do it for cheap because his book was going to be famous, and I would have the notoriety of proofreading it. 😆 Thats a pretty good reason 😂
  13. Maybe if you have a good reason to cancel they wont change the stats?
  14. I don’t think so unfortunatly 😅 it’s still a canceled order
  15. A canceled order will hurt your stats no matter how it’s done unfortunatly 😅 It only lasts 60 days don’t worry. In this situation you should definitly contact the CS so they can help you figure it out.
  16. It seems like he is taking advantage of you guys
  17. Today is not a good day for Fiverr 😅 the app still works though
  18. I just got home and as soon as I tried to open fiverr I got this error Capturar1366×768 14.6 KBAnyone else experiencing the same issue?
  19. They definitly should let us keep the money for all the trouble 😂
  20. Okay okay I think it’s slowly getting back to normal
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