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  1. Alhamdulillah. Congrats! Keep up great works!
  2. Actually nothing to day, its totally depends on buyer 😞
  3. Please send message to buyer several times, and then create support ticket and tell your issues to customer service provider, they can cancel your order without affecting you rating as your buyer didnt give you any requirements. BUT DO NOT DELIVER THAT ORDER WITHOUT ANY WORK.
  4. Its a good idea if fiverr can add voice or video message option on order page.
  5. Great Idea! We really need separate App for Forum.
  6. If buyer irritate you can block him. But at first complete that buyer's order. And also you can send a message to Fiverr Support with all details, so if anything wrong you can give them proof. Thanks
  7. Please focus on gig quality not on quantity 🙂
  8. Dont try to create same category multiple gig. Its better to keep same topics single gig. Try to submit buyer's request, and create order using existing gig. You gig will be back again. Thanks
  9. coder71


    TRS is a manual process. I meet all requirements 1 years ago, and still waiting. Here is what i get from Fiverr Support Team. "Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Our editors look at many different factors when choosing Top Rated Sellers, including seniority, the volume of sales, exceptional customer care, and community leadership, among other criteria. Our editors look for highly original sellers who have a high volume of sales; provide unique and high-quality services; are extremely professional in delivery and communication with buyers; and present their Gigs well, including by using high-quality images and videos." Thanks
  10. Hello. Try to reply buyer 1st message asap, it will help you to get good response rate. Usually buyer also check seller response rate, so good response rate will increase your order also. Thanks
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