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  1. Thanks. I create profile last 4-5yrs ago. But started regular work from end of 2019.
  2. OMG! Congrats and keep good work. Thanks
  3. Thanks for clarification. And you can start an online training center 🙂
  4. Thanks for your clarification.
  5. Hello. Usually I get 2K+ daily impressions in my best selling gig. But Suddenly i got 7K+ gig impressions in a single day, which is a really unusual impression in terms of clicks on that day. And now my gig impression is decreasing day by day. Anyone had this experience?
  6. First of all you did a BIG mistake to purchase outside Fiverr. Its strictly prohibited by Fiverr TOS. But you can do one thing, take some screenshot of outside payment and conversation, and contact Fiverr support. Hope they will take necessary action against that seller.
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