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  1. You are too young but skilled…welcome dear
  2. Thanks for your post. We will be benefited from your post also.
  3. Thank you for forum update. If we see any err we will inform.
  4. May be your client is busy. It will be completed automatically in 3 days
  5. Increasing your conversion rate will help your gig to rank higher in search results because the algorithm will recognize that you’re successful and in-demand on the platform. If you’re making money for Fiverr by being successful, they will make money for you. Stay online, and stay active Fiverr is always looking to land the next sale, so it’s natural to assume they will give online sellers that will respond quickly to messages and get the job done, an advantage in the search results. If you’re awake and available, be online on Fiverr.com or in the app. This will gain you more visibility in search. Something you should never do is use tools to cheat the system by staying online 24/7. This is both against the ToS, and it’s unethical. Buyers are looking for sellers that are available to respond, so only be online when you’re available. Climb the levels Once you start getting a certain amount of orders, positive reviews, and time spent selling on Fiverr, your level should increase. You can read more about how Fiverr levels work here: https://www.fiverr.com/levels If you make a search for something on Fiverr or visit a category, chances are, the higher level sellers will appear first in the results. This isn’t always the case, as Fiverr sometimes provides a boost to new sellers - but as a general rule, having a higher level will make you more visible on the website and in the search. Maintain an excellent response rate and time This ties in with being online. If you’re a responsive seller who replies quickly to messages from buyers, you’re more likely to show up high in the search results. Always try to maintain your response rate and response time, and get back to buyers quickly if they contact you. Make more gigs This is a great way to become more visible in search. Let’s say you are a Wordpress developer. In your gig, you offer several services related to Wordpress. Then why not create more gigs? You could have one gig for “theme installation and configuration” and another for “fixing WordPress errors”. Having several gigs will increase the chances of your gig being relevant for the buyer, and visible in search. Just keep in mind that Fiverr is no fan of duplicate gigs, so don’t make two gigs for the same service. They should all be unique. And if they are properly optimized, you’re on your way to becoming a successful seller here on Fiverr. Now you just have to work hard, deliver great quality every time, and help the buyers out there solve their problems. If you’re professional, offer something unique at a good price, and market your services well, you should hopefully succeed! I hope my tips help. If you implement any or all of them in your gig and see results, I’d love to hear from you in this thread! Thanks for your valuable information
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