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  1. Only I drink coffee to keep energize me
  2. Their gig impression so much and they are doing marketing everyday. And may be those gigs are best seller gig
  3. Yea… Generally clients search online seller. SO, If you always online then your gig will show online and top of the lists, online seller gig result lower than offline. So, if you always online then you will get more click and views. And your gig impression will increase…
  4. Firstly I got maximum order form buyer request. Now I am getting order automatically. Yeah you can reply 10 buyer request everyday. Everyday every level seller can reply maximum 10 brq. Keep going reply buyer request and try to do fast so that your request can appear list of the top
  5. Also I faced this types of problem. When my gig price was low. After that I increased my gig price and I am not facing this type of problem.
  6. Hello everyone, I am very interested to know about member badge. What are the requirements for member badge??
  7. I have completed another order and my issue is fixed.
  8. If it update tomorrow morning then I will not get level 😢
  9. My order completion rate is 89% Today I have completed 2 orders but my order completion rate didn’t increase. I am very shocked!!! Anyone know about this problem? Please help me 🙏
  10. I am very interested to know that, Level one seller can how much buyer request send in a day??
  11. Contact support. Don’t worry they are so helpful.
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