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  1. Thank you for your valuable advice 🥀
  2. Thank for your reply! Did you see what I actually ask for?
  3. Hi hope you are doing great. So, Yesterday I got a Notification from Fiverr. But when I’m getting to verify my account it says your account wasn’t varified! I have done it two times now. But there is a last chance! What should I do now? I did it what as like fiverr want to. Snap a clear photo of my driving licence. And after that I took a selfie of myself. And another thing is Do I have to fill-up the billing information before submit the driving licence? And in Driving Licence the full of my name was Capital latter (HE). But in the billing information I write it Capitalize(He). What should I do now? Could please help me how to get rid of it. I’m stuck! It’s been take 3 month to get two order in fiverr. I don’t know what should I say. Thank You.
  4. No you can’t add portfolio link b’coz fiverr not allowed the behence. You can add fliker, vimo and there are so many portfolio website which is fiverr allow.
  5. Recently someone copy my gig descriptions and gig thumbnails, ASAP I reported that profile. And contact Fiverr Customer Support And then They take action for the profile they remove it immediately! Less then 12 hours… What an experiance!
  6. There is no shortcut way to get an order. You have to more patient! Optimize you gig as SEO. Make an attractive gig thumbnail. It would better if you make video of your own services.
  7. Thanks for your inspiration and motivate to focus on our Goal! But it hard to understand “How long it would take to ranking the GIG” Please share your experience and also How to rank a gig?
  8. I always abide by your Tips and Tricks. Take a bow man!
  9. It’s fiverr ranking factor. Don’t worry it will take the place again. So, be Patient! Complete the 6 orders. Then you will see your gig on fornt page again!
  10. Be confident what you provide. Try make your gig awesome! Write something about your services specifically.
  11. It’s happened some times! So don’t worry. Refresh the page again.
  12. Share your experience with us! How do you straggle with that?
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