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  1. You are welcome! I am not to sure, but it’s not specific to drop shipping sites, it is really the same method I would follow regardless what I was selling 🙂
  2. You are welcome, glad it was helpful! It is really the same method regardless what niche you are selling in.
  3. I am 22 years old from the UK and in September I hit just over $28K per month (another $12K in active orders also…) within 6 months of posting my first Fiverr Gig. For those who want instant proof please see screenshot take on 30th September here and also a video - Now I don’t tell you this to impress you but also to say you can do the same and also try to give you an overview of how I do it! Take some of the key points and use within your services. I will start by giving you a brief background to my story, how I reach $28K per month within 6 months and also some key pointers for you to take away to do the same. MY STORY It was 10 am on a cold Thursday morning, and I was sat at St Albans train station in the UK. After 9 months of PTSD and the endless night terrors, I had enough. I was broken, had wrote my letter goodbye which I left in my room on the desk and I was sat at the train station idealising the end of all the pain and suffering. An elderly lady came and sat next to me, she noticed I was distressed and she simply asked me, “are you ok my love?”. At that point, I have no idea what happened but it felt like a tsunami over me and I sunk to the ground in tears and broke down. It was a long and bumpy road from that moment, to now having 12 full-time employees, my own office, my own company and an expanding business all kick-started with one Fiverr gig. During that hard time, I felt hopeless and I lost all my passion, drive and creativity which I had before. One day about 9 months later, my girlfriend’s dad (a successful businessman) told me about how people buy and sell things online. I googled it instantly and I was hooked. It was like something like up inside me and I found a passion again to follow and dream of. After 11 startups, from eBay, to drop shipping to physical product and then affiliate marketing, with some successful and some not so, I find myself here. Without realising, I was building up a massive skill and knowledge base and one that has now built me a business today that is growing beyond my initial expectations. I tell you all of this on here for two reasons - Many of you reading this I know will have had a hard time in your own lives, where things feel hopeless and you just want to better yourself and your situation. This may seem a bit deep for a Fiverr forum, but it’s important and no matter how good your skills/services, if you don’t have the right drive and mindset you will never create the business you dream of. I drawback on those hard times and they keep me going. Your skills are enough! We all have at least one thing we are good at, and the beauty of Fiverr is you can build a big business off just one skill! Whether that is teaching, English writing, web design, recruitment, doing handstands for promo videos or just about anything! If you feel like you have failed at business for a while and you are turning to Fiverr, look like I did at those so-called ‘failures’ and extract your skills out of them and use them! MY KEY FIVERR BUSINESS FACTS First gig was launched end of March 2019September made over $30,000October so far is at $12,500 with $13,400 pending and $12,270 activeI have 12 full-time members of staffI have my own office now in the UKNow enough about me and now I want to give you my experience and some actionable points you can take away from this post to work on - Have a $5 gig until you reach level 2 Now it can be painful I know! You know your skills are worth more and ■■■■ right you should be paid more but by setting your ‘basic’ package at $5 you will get a ton more clicks, orders and reviews. When starting the only two metrics that matter are reviews and orders. Now make this package something that once you create it once, you can resell and redo with little to no work. It has to still provide value to people but by setting it up in such a way it takes minimal work. For example, mine was product research for e-commerce that I did once a week and updated it once a week with fresh products. Also, you will find as it is so low-risk people buy your $5 gig and then move onto your higher packages. Be prepared to work your butt off for the first 4 - 6 months Now, this may go without saying but hard work pays off. I was extreme that I know a lot of my clients come from the USA, and due to time zones, I get a ton of messages at night. I used to set my alarm at 2 am and 4 am to reply to messages quicker at the start, and this resulted in more sales at the start. I am not telling anyone to do this as it is not great on your health and sleep is so important, but at the start it was the level of commitment I made to ensure I didn’t miss out on a sale. The more committed you are, and the more serious you take your Fiverr business then the quicker your results. I now have office hours that I put on my Fiverr signature, which are 7 to 7 Mon - Saturday. The power of an honest video I am sure a lot of you will be going to research my gig now and you will see my video. I shot this in my on my iPhone and very quickly, and I know it is not very professional but it works. It is raw, honest and I speak to people so they can see me. You should do the same. Forget sales videos, whiteboard explainers, people buy from people and show them who you are. If it wasn’t for this video I would not be doing what I am doing. Pricing your service You have to have a package you can offer for at least $250 + and if you don’t think your skill is worth that amount then it is either the wrong niche or you need to value your work more. If you don’t have something that is at least $250 then you will struggle to scale up to the big numbers on Fiverr. Most services you can charge this for, it is just about presenting it and yourself in the right way. Think and lay it out, but I am sure you can find something above this. Preparation before launching your gig I see it all the time with people just launching there gig and it looks like they haven’t put time and effort into it. Take your time, research other sellers in your niche, make a list what they do good and what they do bad, and ensure you find at least one thing which is unique to you or you can position to stand out. Take a week or so if that is what you need, but craft the perfect gig and then launch. HOW TO SCALE UP YOUR FIVERR BUSINESS BEYOND $10K A MONTH You can manage yourself on the whole up until about $10K and from reading this is where most sellers are at they are below the $10K mark per month or maybe they are more but working all hours of the day. Time is also a currency and if you are doing it all yourself then where is the time to grow? Eventually you will burn out… TIP 1 - Develop training materials and let go Whatever you are doing then you should be able to show someone else how to do it nearly just as well. Before I would even launch a gig now, I will always develop training materials documenting every minor step I go through and explaining it as I go along. I do this by using a simple screen recording software which anyone can buy online and then putting this into a document and folder to share with a team member when needed to give them the training. I benefit as I now get the work done to the same standard as I would do it as I am showing them everything, and they love it as I am paying them but also they are learning new high-quality skills for their career. If you don’t have a document outlaying everything you do then you will not be able to grow a team and scale-up. TIP 2 - Building your team One of the hardest thing entrepreneurs have is letting go of the work and giving someone else responsibility, but if you don’t then you will not grow. Now there is, of course, ways of doing this and ways not to do it… I always start by giving them a trial task to do and monitoring all there work. Sort of like doing it with them for the first one, and see how they get on. I can’t give you a set criteria as I don’t know your niche but you will just know whether they have the potential to do it or not to the required standard. They will make mistakes but it’s just a gut feeling I go off. Once you have a team and that first team member, it then gets exciting! You can put more time into growing the business, into Fiverr and then as more orders come in you can repeat the process, this then plays into Fiverr’s algorithm as they will push you nearer the top as you are getting more popular and this is then where it grows. Most sellers at this point will limit the amount of orders or say I can’t take on any more, which means no growth… Once you get above 6 team members, you need to start doing team structures and having team managers who doing the checking for you. This is a whole different level! TIP 3 - Systems, systems and systems Whether it is a Fiverr business, a lemonade stand or a billion-dollar company, all businesses to grow and run need systems in place. Most Fiverr sellers don’t and they try to do everything themselves and can feel overworked and a bit manic sometimes. Now this is fine is you just want to earn a couple of bucks on the side, however for those who aspire to grow their businesses as far as possible and want to be earning $10K plus a month then you need systems. Simply, I get a pen and paper. I draw out on one side all the tasks that need doing and then on the other side a structure of the team, who does them and how it all works. It then runs like a well-oiled machine. Of course, there is challenges, hiccups and the machine occasionally breaks, but you need to build your machine. SUMMARY I know some of you are just happy earning a few bucks extra a month on Fiverr and good on you, and I hope you can take some value and tips from this! However for those who are already feeling like they are working all hours, hit their Fiverr ceiling or those who want to build a big business here on Fiverr, then I hope I have provided some valuable information for you on here. This platform has changed my life and if you work with it, it can change yours also! Best of luck, Greg Founder - Asset E-Commerce
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