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  1. Hi my Gig have Fiverr's Choice badge on it. I updated the prices of my packages but when I search my Gig on Fiverr Pages, it's still showing old prices. Is it due to Fiverr's Choice Badge? Or how much time it takes to be updated in search results as well? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, Hope you’re all well. I am a wordpress developer working on a project. I need some graphics to be created for my project. I have my friend on fiverr who is a Graphic Designer. So my question is can I share the link of his profile to buyer?
  3. Hi, Hope you’re all well. I want to ask a Question that Sometimes buyer asks me to share personal details. I denied them asking that “Sorry it’s against Fiverr’s Terms and conditions. All of our conversation will be on fiverr.”. So Is it Good to ask this thing to buyer?
  4. When I head over to Gig analytics from yesterday, it is not showing clicks, orders and conversion rate. It only shows impressions and ignores other data.
  5. Hi, Hope you’re all well. I am Muneeb. Please do share your Fiverr Journey. Some new Tips that you observed and you think newbies should follow these to take their Journey to the next level. Thank you 🙂
  6. My previous 60 days orders are almost all on time but my “delivered on time” rate is still 88%.
  7. I heard that Fiverr stats reset to default 100% after 60 days, but 60 days are over now but stats don’t reset. I lost my badge due to incomplete stats.
  8. Yeah, that’s the tragedy. They should be treated as normal people do.
  9. Oh! If they are than i think they should provide proper facilities like Singapore.
  10. That’s so sad to hear. Developed countries should pay heed to countries like India and Bangladesh.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am level one seller. My current " Delivered on time " rate is 88%. Fiverr analytics showing that I’ll lose my batch if I don’t make it 90%. And I think these fiver stats reset to 100% after 60 days. In this coming evaluation, 60 days will be complete. My question is that will I lose my batch In this evaluation due to 88%? Hope you understand.
  12. Issue is not just on dashboard. It dosen’t count in " delivered on time " section as well as i am running with low percentage on this and will lost my badge on 15 if dosent make it to 90%. Luckily i am very close to 90%, but this issue came right on time 😆 Yeah, I’ve seen that it is completed in Order section.
  13. oh! If you don’t see this post then i think you don’t have to face this issue 😀
  14. I have completed the order but on the dashboard, it is still showing “in progress” and doesn’t count in order completion rate.
  15. In the last 2 weeks, there are no sales. I don’t know what’s the reason but I’ll highly appreciate your suggestions regarding this. 🙂
  16. Requesting support for cancellation of order do not effect order completion i think? And yes that will be a mark in my records. Is it better than a bad review?
  17. No, he clearly said me good bye! And perhaps he moved to another seller.
  18. Hi, Unfortunately, the buyer is not satisfied. But he placed the order. Now should I request support for cancellation ? Bcz am sure he will leave bad review. So cancellation is better. Am I right?
  19. I have Completed the Order and Buyer accept it from his side, but here still showing “Delivered and will be marked as complete in 3 days”. what’s going on?
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