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  1. Before 7 months ago I started my Fiverr account and now I’m a level 2 seller. I have canceled only 3 orders science now and have more than all positive feedbacks. But unfortunately, I got negative feedback from a bad seller. He came to get free works. Last 3 months my 3 gigs were on the first page and 2nd page. Suddenly one day I checked my gigs. I couldn’t found them on any page. Now I’m not getting orders. Before that, I got more than 3 orders per day. I think the negative feedback is the reason? Or any other reason.Because this is the first negative feedback I got and that’s not because of my fault. The buyer cheated on me. How can I get my gigs for the previous position? Any help.Will be much appreciated.Thank you so much for your time.
  2. Close to 2 months I was on the first page and got more orders, Now I cannot even find my gigs on any page. Why it will happen.
  3. Don’t know why this is happening. Is there anyone have any solution for this.Thank you so much:)
  4. Last two months I got continuous sales. Every day I got 2-3 orders. I had more than 10-17 orders in my queue science for the last 4days. Now I didn’t get even one message from a buyer. What is the error in my gig? I didn’t get even one order in the past 3 days. Do you have any idea about this? Regards:)
  5. I cannot withdraw my funds. I tries few times. It says please try again later or contact cs. Why it is happening.Any solution, please.
  6. When I try to see my other profiles by pressing the profile icon, The icon is not working and I cannot go to other gigs and edit them. Why this happens. please help me.
  7. The last December before Christmas I got more orders. But after the Christmas science now fewer orders . Why this happening. I did, not change anything in my gig.can help me. Regards.
  8. I have, More Clicks and Views but No Orders the gig is at the top of the list. Last few days I got an order after that I didn’t get.I’m doing logo animations. Is the field have fewer orders. Please help me. Thanks.
  9. I’m very happy about that last day I got to level up. When I came to Fiverr I got my 1st order within 4dys and unfortunately, it was cancelled by a dispute. I was so sad at that moment. I hate everything. I came to this forum and said what happen to me these kind friends just said me don’t give up, I did so. I will thank all of you who help me. Much love 😍
  10. Thank you so much.I think that may be the reason. 🙃
  11. Hello friends, Yesterday my response rate was 97% but today it decreased to 96%.I didn’t get any messages within these 4 days and no spam messages to see. Why this was happening. How can I solve this. Thanks.
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