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  1. Hey there Hope all of you are doing great Recently a buyer contacted me and wanted me to sign a document that say I’m the creator of this content I don’t know if fiverr allows us to sign documents online or is it safe to sign documents from buyers Can anyone guide me if its okay, will I be violating the tos?
  2. Can you tell me where can I share them beside Facebook Groups?
  3. Hey Everyone! hope all of you are doing fine I wanted to share that my gig has lost ranking all of a sudden and due to that I’m not getting any new orders I know that I should focus on Buyer Requests but I’m already sending out requests EVERDAY but still i’m not getting any orders I made a new gig to increase my views and Impressions if you want to checkit out here’s the link [https://www.fiverr.com/share/e6r38r] Kindly help me and if you check out my gig and see some problems do let me know Thanks in Advance
  4. Hey everyone hope you all are doing fine. I’m having a problem with my Order completion rate because a buyer gave me two orders of 25$ he accepted one and the other was cancelled by our mutual agreement. After that my order completion rate has gone down to 88% and after completing three other orders of 20$ each, its still there. How do i fix this, any tips because the evaluation is on 15th December and i’ll be demoted from level one. This is my gig onwhich I recieve the orders https://www.fiverr.com/share/Q7wy4w
  5. Hey there, Hope all of you are doing fine I wanted to know that why did my impressions dropped to zero and after that my gig lost its ranking and went from first page to the last row in the third page. Ever since then there’s been a massive decrease in my sales and i just became a LEVEL ONE Seller last month. It;s really freaking me out can you guys help resolve this issue? Thanks in advance Here’s the link to my Gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/6YEdKr
  6. The number of times your gig appear ina user’s search results is called impressions
  7. The number of times your gig appear in a user’s search results is called impressions
  8. Just keep trying and one day you will get an order ,from that point on it’ll be easier to believe in yourself
  9. What i like to do is to put myself in the shoes of the Buyer and then think what would i like to hear about my project, This way i am better able to understand the needs and then write the description accordingly to the request Also i like to keep the Description concise and to the point Lastly, just remember that persistence is the key Don’t lose hope if you don’t get any reply What i forgot to mention here is that after sending 52 requests i was able to score these orders So keep trying
  10. Look bro, using templates is a really bad idea That’s exactly something you should avoid because not every buyer is the same, you must read their needs carefully and then write your offer accordingly Just like you i was doing the same thing i.e searching online for templates until i realized that it’s a big mistake so focus on sending different offers to everyone just a tip i can give you is that to keep the offer concise so the buyer won’t get bored
  11. Just focus on the needs of the buyer and tailor your request according to what buyer expects from you Also you need to work on your grammar and spelling as well because Good language plays a key role in understanding and communicating with the buyer
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