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  1. It can be more attractive to the customers. 1200px-Supermoon_Nov-14-2016-minneapolis1200×1202 177 KB
  2. 12480×3508 1.18 MBI looks Color theory, I looks Color code.Thus I makes Flyer.I looks pictures & text from customers now how can i develop more.I am hanging on July & August -2019.Feeling Strong urge to earn that I must do.What can i do now.I missed two order to response on time.A lot of spam massages.Now what can i do possibly.I was absent but now i am regular on internet.
  3. Still i could not get 3rd order.Once I missed.
  4. Because of my absence it happened but now i am regular to this online income resource. 123332820×312 147 KB
  5. I am trying to make Popular Internet Flyers like.This on Dengu Fever.
  6. When I am trying to transfer money receiving this massage every time what can i do for it? You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity.* Please try again later.
  7. Really Harsh Comments.I have get enough admire for my works. Make One I will see also.
  8. Ok no not professional but differently thanks for your all comments.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion.I know this but this was not completed project.Just for colour theory i posted.
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