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  1. Hi. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the concerns that arise in this process. I am new and I already have the first concern hehe: As the platform is in English, I have done my profile and GIGS in English, but the only service I have published is only for buyers in Spanish. According to the above, the question is: is it convenient to make the description in English or Spanish? *** I had initially published in Spanish but it did not appear on the Fiverr search list and I decided to change the language What do you suggest? Thank you
  2. Welcome to the 5R Forum. And thank-you. By concerts do you mean gigs? If you want others to comment on you Fiverr gigs, then you need to create a post under the category of “Improve My Gigs.” 😉 Okay. I will do so. Thank you! 😉
  3. I’m glad to meet you. I am a new user and I have been exploring how Fiverr works and how to have a satisfactory experience as a seller. I was looking for opinions and experiences of buyers and sellers, but I had not found anything on the Internet that was meaningful to me. Today I found this forum and there is a lot of valuable information and advice that all of you have provided. I hope to contribute in the future when I can move forward with this new challenge. Any suggestions about my Gigs are very well received. I appreciate each of your comments. Here I will be with frequency Big hug
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