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  1. WOW…yeah true and I am not ever done a job for $5… Dear friend pardon me but this is really joke to me,cause Fiverr is a brand,something NOT like “hey we are the Five-ors,we do the jobs for five dollars” that is not Fiverr was standing for… Fiverr is a platform which has USD5 minimum price range…and that is why Fiverr is super popular…and if someone believe this is only for $5 things, HMM sorry my man,your are wrong… But in case there are a few large platforms for million dollar projects, anyway back to the points… Fiverr has a GIG range from $5-$995 and custom offer range from $5-$5000 for level 1 and $10000 for level 2 and for top rated ones. so I think that was a huge range. And there is no law to set-up your gig or service for $5…you can customize it. Also Fiverr is not a place which low grade you,but also this is not a place to upgrade you,cause all we here are only users,there are no skill testing algorithm in here Fiverr. This is a virtual market-just only have one single simple easy creative vision “you can get your thing done here,even for $5” but it does not mean everyone must do the all things for $5…but someone can and it is totally their right… Even my first order is not about USD5,not even close to FIVE…but believe me or not…I am still love this idea, $5 thing… It is the key fact in here,it is the only reason to attract the buyers…
  2. The review is depend on his eyes,so it does not depends on the delivery,there are much more areas to be cared about,so overall it is your client feedback…means your service is not a 5 start work for him, You might have delivered the stuffs but feedback is quite depending…like something that you are taking a bus to go somewhere,all buses on that route has same destination but feedback is depend on the driver,speed drivers not get good reviews slow ones neither…but most cared and efficient driver gets the best feedback, And otherwise designer can not judge the feedbacks,feedbacks and reviews are 100% personal.so you have to accept whatever is says. as a tip. everytime you are in a job,ask all questions you have,then clear the all areas… that make the project easy.
  3. Yeah you can cancel the order and your account will be refunded,this might take some few days to process. I am a seller and I think this will affect the seller,so you don’t have to take any enemy options,cause each cancelations drop down their order cancelation rate,and if the seller has not responded to you that will definitely drop down their respond rates too. and always contact the seller and discuss about your requirement before purchase any gig,cause each persons has their own limits of capabilities.But that was totally optional,you have full rights to purchase any gig you wanted,but sometimes that might be a huge waste of your time.I have faced this issue few times with mismatching orders,But every time we both parties discussed and solve the matters,some of mismatched clients are my regular customers now. so don’t worry,yo can cancel the project and find someone else but discuss with him before purchasing.in cancelation page you will have few options or you can contact fiverr support team to solve your problem. 🙂
  4. yeah this is super primitive, of course the cancelation rate is so important,and this cancelation rate is not appear in sellers dashboard I guess. Fiverr evaluate every profiles for each 60 days,so means seller has to wait 60 days to get back their normal rates,actually pretty good way… but this cancelations are not well inspected, it does not matter whatever the reason is,if the both seller and buyer has mutual agreement to cancel the project the cancelation rate will drpo down. I have face this issue few different times, The first time is about my second fiverr project,the client has purchased a wrong gig and I didn’t know the order changing options in that time,so I have cancelled the project and send her to custom offer. the second time my client asked me to cancel the order and re order again,He said he has some bank issue and he needs to switch another account,I didn’t understand the point but when I am going to cancel the order the automated message says this will affect to your ratings,so I have contacted Fiverr support team and cancelled the order without any effect. and month ago one of client place an order ,a wrong order that something not related with my service… the issue is the sellers can not cancel any “mismatching” order without effecting their ratings… That was a huge mistake,and nowadays Fiverr support team take at least 10 days to respond. that was my experiences, but without any mismatching orders,always can avoid this cancelations by using resolution center options,you can open a reason and discuss with the client to change the order format.not always working method but my friend always try to avoid the cancelations,Resolution Center is quite good way…
  5. 100% agreed Yeah of course I am believe in revisions. there are no worries about them.only issue is the time. The Fiverr time count down is quite primitive for me… Cause When we are choosing a gig,it should have a specified timeline.It is a must included option,and also they have revision options… so as an example… USD500 (5 days + 3 revisions) this is not gig for some simple work.I mean not a quick work.the price is quite high and the delivery time is quite long. So in real life anyone can no be sure about the revisions. Revisions are quite changing thing.The revisions are called for totally fair reasons…like not following every details or the notes,guides are given… But otherwise the revisions are based on the factor, Satisfaction which is not to be measured. and totally agree with this fact too.that is why designers stands for… the both parties has ton of issues and each things can be claimed fairly by each perspective. The real thing is understanding. if you have chose any GIG you have to imagine what is the final out put…like when you are purchasing a really cheap GIG you have to have some idea about the final delivery.like you will never have a chance to get something NIKE level thing.And mean time if any freelancer who is providing an expensive GIG,probably he has to understand the what he should have to deliver as the finals. Both parties has to be more effective.like Buyer should have some idea about the what he willing to have and the Designer should have some idea what he has to do… so then both parties should have some understanding about the platform they are performing or connecting… so designer giving the options,he has giving the exact date,revisions etc…the GIG is always defined… I am 100% agreed with you the fact… can be extended the delivery time only… if it is an issue, the issue is come from the platform or from the system… Fiverr offers the revisions,it does not matter how many,any buyer can requested any amount of revisions with out a single issue,infact the seller provide some revision options or not… so Actually adding some revision options to any GIG is quite unnecessary but It is totally for marketing.But Buyers can request a revision at anytime,but within exact time period…Like the GIG is predifined and it has some duration.like above GIG… the USD500,5days,3revisions GIG… if the designer take Five days to deliver the client has three days to decide,or if somehow designer has finished it by threedays,client also has three days to decide… But if client thinks he need a month to decide it is not fair.not fair in FIVERR.cause client has bought a prepaired gig,like a package, so it has an END.so client should have some predefined idea… if it is not they both can make an agrement,Buyer can ask seller to extend the project time,and also the seller should have some flexibility to work with them.or he can ignore it…it is not decent but not unfair.cause the GIG has some limitations and Buyesr can see them before purchase… so in my Designing life I am not responding to the buyer requests.I mean I am not applying or offering the random jobs which posted in Fiverr. I am doing the the jobs which only comes directly to me.like Buyers contacting me by texting. also I am not offering anything until the first sample.Yeah sounds stupid I have been cheated few times here and I have seen my samples are in some web sites… 🙂 But anyway after the sample my clients have a chance…like I am giving an idea about what the finals would be,like what you will get with my service… so always happy client and happy project. but even with my service I have found some bad experinces. My only concern is about the Fiverr timings.It is totally stupid for me. like when I am delivered a project within 3 days,even gig was about 5 days…after Client request me to do a revision,two days after the delivery I am late…cause Fiverr only counts the dates…like 5days GIG…starts 1st of january,and it counts the end is 5th of january…when I am delivered in 3rd of januaray,it does not counts…when client is checking in 5th of january and requesting a revision.then I have no time…so I have to request to extend the time…but another point is after threedays of the project time client can not request a revision. so where the changes should have to be done … The SYSTEM… in short way… every GIG has some option to discus before activated. then also seller should have some chance to start it,after the discussion… after an agreement the project will started,time counting… then the delivery…client can check and request a revision…then the seller should have some chance to analyze and be agreed or not (if it is unfair,but in this case have more aspects to prove it,may be with customer support) custommer support unit can analyze the order history and get a decision(but this is only happen when the buyer and seller are not in same page,like they have some bad mutual agreements.with professionals that never happen) so then the revisions should have some another time duration.like buyer and seller can be discusse,after an agreement they can start anither timeline for the revision…then the most of issues are can be avoided But Fiverr Support is really late. (I mean currently/theye were great before) If the system is well designed… the platform is supper efficient,so there are no chances for unwanted persons,the buyers wont misuse the otions,the sellers not do the kiddy works… we can not change the humans.but the system should be well designed.
  6. Hi I have the same question, for me is… First client has placed an order without knowing me.I am a product designer and visualizaer.so me and client have to be super clear about the requirement. and probably buyers have to be sure about what or who they are gonna buy or spend for… anyway he has placed an order…a very cheap order for the task,so I know the options I can request to extend the time and the price,but client is not responding… I am totally care about my ratings more than money.cause I am using my skills here not some copy paste thing,the ratings mean my skills.so I have quickly open a topic with Fiverr resolution center to cancel the order but without affecting my ratings. supper Funny the Fiverr sends me an automated message,I know with every action the systems send an automated message first.but this first automated message take a day to come. yeah totally fine…but it says their true replies can be up to 10 days cause of high demand.That was hilarious… Fiverr counts every second of us,but their…however Client has back to me before the support team. yeah I have extended the delivery time and the price too. and the project is a sandal design.and the 2d sketch done by a nother Fiverr artist and the clients wants me to make it in 3d and he needs 3dprintble file.so the design is not mine and I have followed every details and deliver the all things within three days.(the order is about five days)…so I have more than two days remaining. However then the issue… he has requested a revision.after 2 days…but he is saysn Lokkig Good!I need some time to check and he is applied a revision…Funny (but this is not the greeting on my mind right now)…so he is totally misusing the Fiverr revision option. and another Funny thing…I have 4 hours remaining.so the fiverr is count down the delivery time from my last delivery.I must have ti have 53 hours remaining.but client has replied after 48 hours and the between time is calculated somehow. Pretty primitive coded system… so I have three major questions… 1-one is about selfish client,he is misusing the revision option.I am totally ok with revisions but without knowing it how I can do this…and gretly client is really delay…I mean days 😄 2-Fiverr Time count down system.I am not going to say unfair…cause it is totally primitive.low tech…Fiverr System needs to be updated in professional way. 3-Fiverr Support actually they are late.I have used this service three times before.they were really efficient .but however now they are delaying more than the subjected client… So let me know if you have find any solution 🙂
  7. Hi Abhishek I think it is the way the market goes,Business are not stays in the same way,and there is a global threat and businesses has dropped…so may be your concern will be over after few days. and please check your gig with your competitors,and update it to show your skills.sometimes one word changes everything in both ways,both good and bad ways.
  8. Hi I am mentioning here is a terrible thing that happens on Fiverr, Freelancing is not an easy thing cause most of time the seller and buyer not knowing each other and it might be a problem when they are working together,both of these parties has some attitude issues,I have seen lot of sellers has uploaded some random works which are owns to someone else and of course I am pretty sure lot of buyers were cheated by some sellers… So in this I am mentioning something that I have faced up few times in Fiverr… I am working as a product designer/Product Developer/Product Visualizer in here,so Fiverr workflow is not quite smooth with my service,cause me and buyer both we should have some sort of discussions,few sample works and lot of revisions to do before finalizing anything, then I have to follow different workflow before activating any order,I am giving my client a chance to choose me before anything paid by showing a sample,after his approval I am starting the project without any activated order,but we both are agreed about the price/quality/formats and all stuff related to the project.I am sending the final sample one step before its finals,after approval I am sending custom order and will deliver the stuff as we discussed. this workflow is smooth and always works if the partner is genuine,I have been cheated a few times after sending the final sample.cause I am not applying any watermark for the samples.yeah that was my fault,but I am always trusting peoples and most of time the persons are understanding what I am doing here and they are really appreciated the service. but a few of them,very few of them are really misusing the modification request option,I am really glad to do anything reasonable but some of them asking something really unreasonable, It is not about the money,it is all about the time,cause I am following the steps that I have mentioned above to save the time and deliver the best of mine. I am not looking for a claim or justice,but both seller and buyer should have some agreement and good understanding between them,both of them have to understand the value of time.And most of these buyers and sellers are totally strangers,so the main thing is understand sellers are doing their jobs here and buyers are came to get some service…service has to be fair enough and probably should deliver the stuff what are the client exactly looking for… I am asking buyers to not to misuse the options the website provided here but use them fairly until you get the right stuff. And Fiverr has some areas that would not fair for sellers,I have no idea how truth it is but I just have felt it few times. Project Cancelling-Sometimes clients do some purchases without having any idea about the gig.I guess every project canceling affects the seller Order Completion Rates.But I can understand it have to be like that,but if there any option to activate the order after some reviewing by seller/GIG holder it would be great.then the seller can review/may be have some chat with the buyer and accept/decline the order.Until then buyer would not have to pay anything.I know the WebSite need the activated orders,cause this is a business,but key point is if there is any canceling means no money,only disappointments.But after accept the order will be activated and after that is there any cancellation yeah the rates will speaks and it would be really fair. I would like have some ideas of you fellas, Thanks.
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