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  1. Submitting PAN or GST number could help you reduce your 5% TDS to 1%.
  2. It looks great to me. Once we get the hang of this, it's going to be more awesome, I guess. Do we still have access to older threads? I am trying to find that one particular thread where Fiverr Seller Plus was introduced. I wanted to express my interest if I get lucky enough to be invited to that program. But, unfortunately, the forum was on read-only mode, so I couldn't get the chance to do that.
  3. uhh… Again the E letter :roll_eyes: Okay, let it be Egyptian Mau Next letter is U :cowboy_hat_face: U for Ukulele. Next word E
  4. I created a new Short Video Ads gig. It would be great if you guys provide some feedback and suggestions to make it better. Thank you for your time.
  5. Thanks a lot for the tips. I’m working on new gigs. doing some researches so that it performs well. it will soon be live.
  6. Thank you everyone for this warm welcome wishes!
  7. Thanks @ maitasun and @ ahmwritingco for your informations and links. I’ll be looking into it for sure.
  8. Yes, waiting for the same mate. Really need suggestions which will help us get better sales.
  9. Happy to be part of this wonderful community. I’m a full-time Adobe suite expert and I do Motion-Graphics, Video Editings, and Graphic Designing. Looking forward to offering my services here at Fiverr. Always open for suggestions and feedbacks. Thanks.
  10. Hello all, Thanks for the visit. I’m part of Fiverr for last three months. I created a video editing gig when I joined, got an order withing days but after researching for months about the SEO and all, I had to recreate the gig, pause the other one and the updated gig is - Video Editing Services. So far the impressions, views and gig appearances for this gig in Fiverr search seems to be fine as compared to my older gig. I need suggestions from you guys how to improve better on it. I’m working hard, doing many kinds of research on good buyer requests proposals or SEO or keywords or anything I can find which will help me get good sells. Please provide your feedback, suggestions or thoughts on my gig. Happy to be part of this community. Thanks for your precious time.
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