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  1. Yeah, exactly. But what you mentioned earlier is a one sided thought.
  2. Sad reality. Got a response from Fiverr support. They don’t care anymore. Not only that you have to pay a service fee from your personal shopping balance or your earned balance but you also need to pay as well again the service fee when you cancelled an order and order a new gig. They won’t refund the service fee from a cancelled order and worse you now need to pay again the service fee from finding and purchasing a new gig of same price.
  3. I am still waiting for Fiverr’s response regarding this as well. Tried ordering thru my shopping balance and yes they already charged a service fee for the shopping balance too (it sucks). But when I received my delivered order, it was a fraud gig. Cancelled it and report it to Fiverr. They returned the money on my balance “excluding” the service fee (worked that way ever since though) but I shouldn’t be charged again for the service fee when ordering another gig. That was my experience before. But now, what frustrate me is when I order another gig, wallaahh, it charged me again a service fee. That was unbelievable and not right. Contacted them and still waiting for a feedback.
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