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  1. thanks a lot:heart_eyes:😍 Nice Advice
  2. When Will I Get my First Order Even Even Numbers of impression is their.
  3. Thanks for finding Mistake @mariashtelle1
  4. Hey You know you all guys really helped me a lot, To figure out problem and skill that I am lacking.
  5. Second slide: Headline of the Standard package: Your description: And the list goes on. Who knows what Elite Plus Writer means. Hey You know you all guys really helped me a lot, Figure out the actual problem. Thanks a lot
  6. Really great tips this really help me too
  7. It my Fourth Day and I have created 3 Gigs all the gigs are About Copywriting but No order. About 79 Views, 10 and 5 views in all gigs respectively. help me figure out. I will really thankful for your support https://www.fiverr.com/ritesh1233/copywriting-blog-post-article-writing-seo-optimization-conten-writer-description
  8. I am Here on Fiverr but, You Know Fiverr Look really Mind Blowing and Amazing But, I found Just One demerits here and that is animations Yes, you heard that Right, Just Imagine If Whenever you Open Fiverr And it just load to Desktop with Download to upward ahhh, what an amazing Sites i visited Wonderful. Really if hey gonna do this will really increase the customer base as well as the Freelancer Platform too
  9. You Know I don’t any Order yet but Always Remember No Matters what Situation is going to take place you Must keep Going Forward. If you can’t Fly, then Run If you can’t Run, Then Walk If you can’t Walk, then Crawl But you should always keep moving forward
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