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  1. Perhaps, He was giving you an idea before starting, a lot of sellers do this, and once you’re satisfied with the draft etc you can proceed and pay, He’ll do detailed job once the payment has been settled, Obviously he can’t do whole job without settling payment. It’s better to discuss with him.@mellempire
  2. Keep an eye on him, If he’ll use your work, reach out to customer support they’ll ask him to turn down the work or will cover you for the loss
  3. My issue is pretty much like @berryflower. Haven’t got a response yet but will be waiting
  4. I’ve submitted ticked and it’s been almost 20 hours. No reply. Same problem is on my client’s end. He couldn’t find the order page but the offer has been accepted.
  5. Same issue here. Did you get any response from the customer support @berryflower
  6. @humanissocial However, I doubt their blocking system stops working sometimes, I was told to clear browser cache and cookies but it wasn’t the case actually.
  7. Correct, I had to block a buyer, in fact a depressing buyer, and she somehow succeeds to place the order, even though she was blocked. I wouldn’t want to work with her and had a cancellation request which was declined, Eventually was canceled by CS
  8. I usually receive responses to my support questions within hours. It all depends upon what you ask them – and how you ask it. What did you ask CS that you feel hasn’t received an answer? I did get a response from them after 2 days it was all because of the load on CS due to a lot of inquiries, FYI it wasn’t the matter of what or how to ask.
  9. Thanks, I’ve to message them multiple times and finally got the response after 2 days
  10. Hi, Just wanted to update you guys that’s Fiverr CS is not responding to enquires. I’ve submitted 1 last week and 1 this week but still no response Did you guys submitted any enquiry or got a response from them? Thank you for responding, looking forward to it
  11. Thanks for checking in buyer ignored the request its just CS who didnt responded for almost 28 hours and my order got late
  12. Hi, I’ve summited Cancellation request but the buyer didn’t get back to me, and she ordered a wrong package. I submitted a ticked to CS, but they didn’t responded for 22 hours and now about 2 hours left in the delivery. Will it be considered late. Because cancellation request is already submitted. Don’t know why fiverr CS is not responding Anyone has an idea?
  13. He isn’t particularly asking you to give your suggestions, if you want to keep it private that’s fine we have nothing to do with it. He can share or ask for suggestions from other sellers its public forum Maybe someone else would love to share, and they are actually.
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