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  1. Hi guys…, see my gigs and plz suggest me how to improve them becoz i didnt have any order yet 🙁
  2. hi guys … if i dun use fiverr even for one day my clicks,impression and social views goes down and even still i didnt get any order help me please
  3. Hi will i get level 1.?upto now i didnt recive any order and its almost 50 days now …need suggestions
  4. hi guys i want to know how can we use fiver affiliate and for what purpose?
  5. Hi guys …, I have created number of gigs on fiverr but couldn’t get any order on fiverr please help me.
  6. i will be careful about keyword 🙂 thank you so much
  7. Thanks you it will definitely help me 🙂
  8. hi guys check me gig like it and help me to get first order https://www.fiverr.com/tazienkanwal/help-you-in-any-subject-of-physicshttps://www.fiverr.com/tazienkanwal/make-research-proposal-of-physics
  9. yes i click on update …ok i ll change 🙂 thank you
  10. I have write “as a teacher of physics and mathematics” in my profile…but unfortunately it does not go online.what to do now and how?
  11. ok 🙂 i ll make my own thanks for replying me
  12. Hi guys help me how to improve my gigs i am not getting my order.
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