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  1. Happy New Year to all buyers and sellers and all the people affiliated with Fiverr. Been working since March and reached level 2 Alhamdulillah for everything
  2. The deadline is approaching. I also got couple more notification saying that buyer will have 7 days to review. Does that mean order will get auto complete in 7 days or usual? If I remember correctly buyer had 10 days to put feedback. And I don’t mind if he doesn’t want to put feedback or not. [sorry, just checked my mail it was extended to 7 days from 3] I will deliver the files on the January 1st with explaining everything. Probably it’s best for both of us. Happy New Year
  3. Thank you so much for mentioning! I actually forgot that. I actually didn’t have any client requesting for modification more than once. I usually send them as attachment(not deliver them). I also have no problem offering revisions. But I will limit them. Thanks!
  4. Yes, this is what I was wondering. I texted him but he didn’t reply. It’s been 1 week since he last texted me. He hasn’t been active after that.
  5. I offer logo and branding in one package. A buyer recently placed an order. As usual I started working on logo first. After working on some revisions he liked one of the concept and asked to slightly modify it which I did and sent him in just 2 minutes 132933681_400975800959795_4794112448506528701_n391×848 30.3 KB He didn’t reply until 6 days later(between that time I also sent couple more variation, just to give him more choice on that modification) and this was the text I received 133375620_1011017145974793_3600704348654148985_n945×461 28.4 KBSo I am in a dilemma what to do. Please suggest me. Thanks and Happy New Year in advance.
  6. That’s true, at the same time other freelancing site are way ahead in UI. Anyway I got my answer. I guess I will just wait for him. That big red ##LATE## looks like a joke now. Thanks mate.
  7. Hello Fiverrmates A buyer requested revision from me after the deadline so my clock now shows I am late. It now shows I am 2 days late. received_381813416194756718Ă—459 19.3 KBSo here are some questions- Should I send a request to extend the deadline?Even if I send him that req he is late at responding, so my clock will keep on going, will that affect my profile?Does late delivery or very late delivery or fiverr automatically putting negative reviews, these rules also apply in this case?PS: I would really appreciate if you guys respond to this request and advice since you guys are professional and been here longer. @catwriter @lenasemenkova @mariashtelle1 @maitasun @visualstudios @lloydsolutions
  8. Your gig must be neat and clean. For keywords you can search for top rated seller, scroll down and you should see recommended tags, you can use those. Gig image must clearly portray what you are trying to sell. Since you are a new seller you can lower the price to attract clients. Once you get a client deliver more than what he/she asks for to get 5* reviews. Stay Active. Send 10 buyer requests each day. Don’t just send one simple reply to everyone. First read what they want, greet in the beginning and describe how you are going to complete the task, ask questions even if you have all the information. I guess these are more than enough to get you first order. New seller can create 7 gigs so use that. Hope you have a great journey ahead!
  9. It takes fiverr and payoneer some days(in my case it took 7days) to verify all information. Once it’s complete you will receive an email. After that you are good to go!
  10. Thanks for replying. I checked my mail and my fiverr account as well. I didn’t get any strike nor it affected my account. Thanks for your advice btw I will use it.
  11. Hello Fiverrmates Hope everyone’s safe and doing well. I provide business card which requires personal information from my clients. After receiving the information I usually send a note to fiverr(learnt from Fiverr forum helped me a lot) like this and it worked all the time. IMG_20201018_0333101080×1291 210 KBToday I was checking one of my completed orders where I noticed fiverr blocked one of my message for violation of ToS. I didn’t get any strike for it. Moreover it wasn’t my fault either. IMG_20201018_0336171080×1467 229 KBThis order was completed 22 days ago. The day before yesterday I got promoted to level 2. So I don’t know what caused this issue. If anyone have any idea please let me know.
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