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  1. I have updated my gig information! I will be offering multiple chapters instead of one now. Hopefully it'll help, but I know there's room for improvement. Is there more I can do or any information that could be added to improve the gig? I've included the outline for two packages at the moment. As for the custom offers, I'm not sure what custom offers are included with ghostwriting jobs.
  2. What I'm ghostwriting is not for an entire book, but for a chapter of a book. That's why I want lower prices. $40 for one chapter is too much.
  3. I recently logged in to my account to see that one of my gigs needs to be updated. However, it won't accept any price lower than $40 for any of my packaging. I'm not sure why my account is being pushed to such high prices. I want my gigs to be affordable and the gig in question is not worth $40, I don't believe it is at least. Has this happened to anyone else? Do I lose the gig if I don't update the prices within a certain time period? What can I do if I have to update the prices to $40 or higher? Please let me know, I'm a bit confused.
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