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  1. Just a few words of support! I hope that this is nothing, but a new beginning. When I left my office on December 30, 2014, for the last time, I was desperate. However, I decided to avoid looking for another office job, and concentrated on Fiverr and freelancing in general. It turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. I really wish you good luck and a lot of new customers here. thank you so much. That certainly cheered me up.
  2. Well, I got fired today, because the office could not afford me. They said out business is not working that well anymore, hence we have to say good bye to you. They wished me best of luck and let go of me. I am back here now. I love my Fiverr job. That is on and off during my office work, but now I am back here. I am not sure what to do. It has been a heavy day - I has been a difficult day. Looking forwards to get back into Fiverr work.
  3. I always thought how can I improve my Gig. I am a screenplay writer and I thought maybe if I interact one on one I might not be able to express my experience. So I uploaded one of my short movie. I trimmed it and showed few good parts in 1 minute. I am not sure if it will improve my gig, but I am sure my buyers want to see what movies I have made before. https://www.fiverr.com/share/61Ar4B It is still in process of being accepted. I hope there is no issue in it.
  4. Unfortunately, no I am not getting any orders. I have few loyal buyers who come back to me for revisions, but no new order in like 2 months now.
  5. I can understand, it was normal before. Sometimes my gig was up sometime it was down. But now it is basally dropped from K’s to hundred. It was kind of very disappointing. I think I had up 6000 impressions before now I only have 603 on my best seller gig.
  6. We all know the issue we had on fiverr with our impressions. I had around really good impressions on Fiverr before but now that I was able to view my gig impression it seems like my impressions have dropped really badly. I feel extremely disappointed because I worked real hard on them. My gig is no longer available on search page. I know people think that it doesn’t matter much, but trust me if our gig is on the first page we do get a lot of orders. I just don’t know what to do. I feel really disappointed and sad.
  7. I don’t see how that would be related to covid 19. A website probably can’t get it. It’s a bug. Ask customer support to help you with it. I see thank you. I hope it is available soon. Where can I ask for customer support?
  8. So what can we do about it? Will it be available any time soon?
  9. Hi! I am unable to find the option of withdrawal from bank? Can anyone tell me is it just me or anyone having the same experience?
  10. Yeah I totally understand. I am a screenplay writer and sometimes it gets a little annoying when they keep on asking for revisions. I mean in my personal experience most of my clients are happy with 2 or 3 revision, but one of them went of with 10 where I only offered 5. It was annoying not because he asked for a particulate thing to be changed, but in reality the buyer just wanted a new story every time. I mean he was not sure of what he actually wanted himself. That is the basic problem where they don’t know what they want.
  11. Thank you so much everyone. I am glad I just expressed myself and it made me feel good. I am better now and things are also getting over. It is all a matter of time that hard times become good times. Thank you again.
  12. Thank you so much. I have been careful that I don’t take any number from now on.
  13. I don’t write here quite often, but I just feel like sharing my sorrow. I feel like this month was bad - not only for my fiverr account but also socially and academically. I am gravely in pain because of the things going around me and it seems like even my orders and impressions have also declined. I am not complaining about anything just saying that I feel like things could’ve been better if I got some orders. It takes my mind away from things going around in my life. I am a screenplay writer and fiction is truly an escapism for me. It is the only solace for me, to imagine a plot, characters and even the story line brings great joy in my life. Anyhow, I was just missing it this month. I hope things will be better next month.
  14. Lately, I have been getting too many buyers who are contacting me and giving me their numbers. As much as I want work, I also want to be safe. I don’t want to run into trouble. I know about the warning things, but I just wanted to know if someone else is giving me their number will I get a warning from Fiverr or not.
  15. I personally love talking to my buyers. In fact I made a few friends in the process. The person who gave me my first order is somewhat a good friend to me now. I don’t know how it might be any trouble unless people start getting personal
  16. So being a screenplay writer I was just wondering to add a video on my Fiverr Gig to make things more interesting. However, I was wondering if it is possible if I could take come clips from the short movies I wrote which are running on YouTube. Will that be an issue for my gig? I mean like can there be any problem like copyright issue? Surely I wrote the story of those short movies but the producer has the access to that movie.
  17. Well, as a screenplay writer and a novelist I’ve always been worried that what if something written by me gets famous and I’ll always be the ghost writer who got nothing for it but a few dollars. Just remember what it is your job to give your best. No matter who gets the award or the name for it the talent will always belong to you. Nobody can steal your talent from you. Keep working hard to shape your skills.
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