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  1. Hi all, sorry fir my late response. Still I did not received any message from fiverr support and still waiting
  2. You could contact CS at the email address I gave. You could let them know you never knowingly did academic work and never said you’d do academic work in any of your gigs. You could ask what made them think you had done that so you know for in future (eg. whether it was something to do with the gig or something the buyer said etc.) and so it could help you show if they’ve made a mistake (eg. if there was something about a buyer message/requirements that got it flagged as academic work but it definitely wasn’t). Maybe try and get income from other sources too, so you’re not only relying on Fiverr. Well i have sent an email. Lets see what happens now
  3. Also my account is restricted and I dont know when they are going to tell the final decision. What will I do till then? I mean I was totally depending on this
  4. Hi There is nothung written on my gig that I will do academic work. I dont even knkw wether I was doing universty assignmnets or not. Why would I do that thing if i was totally aware of it. I am really depressed by this and this is was my only source of income
  5. Today I got an email that I have violated TOS and your account is restricted. I have been doing work on fiverr for 4 years and paid my university fees and it was the only main source of income for me. The reason they told me " HW and Academic Violations" Now how would I supposed to know wether I am doing universty taks or not because I just received data from buyer and nothing else and fiverr team restricted my account. I dont know what to do as I am really depressed by this news. Is there any solution for this? BR, Umair
  6. only got a message “he” twice and nothing else/ I think buyer mean hi
  7. Thanks for your reply. I did right to mark the message as spam again?
  8. Hi, Today I got a message from buyer but not in my inbox but in my Spam folder. This has never happened before. I was confused a little like something was wrong from my side but I unmarked it as spam, texted to buyer but he did not respond and I reported as spam. Can anyone tell me what was all that because its something new happened to me. BR, Umi
  9. Do fiverr has access to our em-ails as well…lets suppose if I would have have sent an em-ail to buyer (Which I did not sent) can they monitor that as well? If yes then I am surprised by that
  10. I did not sent him my emaile or any other information on fiverr chat…
  11. Got it…Thank you for your help. But still I am in doubt will I be warned from fiverr about this or not? Hoping everything remains all okay
  12. Yea I just reported to that message and now should I block him as well?
  13. yes from desktop ok I will try that
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