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  1. pause for 24 hours and then i active it. and also i got order $100 😀
  2. your direct link active allowing returning buyers with a direct link to purchase your gig but your toggle button is off so you should to go help and support and submit a request.
  3. @piermenaldo i think you direct link active toggle button is on
  4. Your profile impact only when if cancel the order or late delivery.
  5. Select a reason and then the number of days you would like to add to your delivery time, and click send. The buyer will have 48 hours to accept or decline your offer to extend the delivery time of the order. If the buyer does not respond during this time, the extension will be withdrawn and you can contact customer support.
  6. @maimoonakhanum2 visit the resolution center for “not respond buyer”
  7. Hello @goelpreeti724 minimum withdraw amount is $20 for payoneer (Bank transfer)
  8. Hi everybody, This is “Blue_Ar_Graphic”. I’m trying to different way to present Gig therefore i created my profile as a unique graphic design Photoshop Gig Images. Profile Link:- https://www.fiverr.com/ankurgabani
  9. Hi dear friends/ brothers/ sisters, let’s start Give me any advice which you like to give everybody. make it fun :crazy_face: !!!
  10. hello @developersohagk, you can change image any time and you have no face problem related update gig image. and if you update your portfolio then changes in gig impression (decrease) not any more!
  11. hello @salsabil1234567, i think you get 100 to 150 impression easily in 2-3 day because fiverr review your gig. and yes share your gig in social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. it’s best way to improve your gig impression
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