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  1. Wellcome onboard on fiverr forum, its great that you started at this age , so you have got time to be successful
  2. He could easily make a new account in that case. These kinds of buyers should not be allowed to have internet access. I have worked for few great buyers but some bad as well they first order without messaging me and after I provide them quality work for cheap they always get away with a cancellation. Yes you are right, they should be banned from using internet, for bullying people
  3. Wellcome to fiverr, @zaifibiru Hoping you will grow on this plaform
  4. Wellcome @deronkedun , May u get success here on fiverr
  5. Yes Quality is the Loudest Spokeperson that always shoutout for you
  6. Dont worry Bro @jaimakhija … Ask customer support and cancel the order, there are some people that think that they have bought the freelancer himself not his services, Hard times comes on fiverr, be brave and get success
  7. Wellcome @cristina1618, may u get Success 🙂
  8. @sadiahmb you have to complete 60 days as no levelRecieve and complete 10 ordersEarn atleast 400$30 Days without warning. 😄
  9. @maitasun is an experienced seller. And if you didn’t like what she said it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. You will get views or clicks with “favourite” only because people need to open your gig to press the button. However it would bring you anything more or increase views from other people, on the other han it might hurt you. There is also a “conversion rate” stats and if you will have a lot of this fake clicks and no sales your gig performance will be considered as bad and fiverr wouldn’t promote your gig. Yes thats what i was trying to say 😊
  10. I guarantee you they will not. Favoriting a gig will not have any effect on that gig’s ranking in the search results, or increased clicks. None whatsoever. Favorites are nothing more than a bookmarking feature – just like you can bookmark websites online. you miss understood i am asking that when you ask your fellows to favorite your gig they visit your gig to do the favorite that view is counted on gigs views, but it has no effect on ranking of gig,
  11. @maitasun, i believe that gigs fav exchange might just help you gain views and clicks from new users, ese they have no effect on ranking gigs or any such activity
  12. As I stated in my reply to the OP, I am well aware this would constitute fraud. - And that is why I am not the one who needs advice regarding this situation. 😉 Thanks anyway, though. @cyaxrex , i think you were here to just confirm that its not goona work 😃
  13. @cyaxrex, i think you cannot, but you should contact customer support and ask them , maybe they will come up with a solution…
  14. @instagramsource , you are right !! But i think every personality or verified instagram account is not managed by themselves, they hire thier own assistants to post and interact with their fans, and i think instagram knows it well, because digital marketing is all about this and its an emerging field
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