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  1. When you buy a service from Fiverr it lets you give a public review that goes on the sellers profile and then submit another review just for the Fiverr team.
  2. I’m curious how I get rated in these anonymous reviews. It would be cool to have a monthly report that showed your average review. This would keep things anonymous but give valuable information on your performance.
  3. Not sure why everyone is arguing about the need for clear communication. That’s plainly needed in almost every kind of job. I think maybe some people feel discriminated against on this site because of not being native English speaking and are getting annoyed in the discussion because of it. I’m glad there’s diversity, it lends to wide perspectives and ideas which is great on any creative job. That’s my 2 cents, has anyone got any more insight on the main post?
  4. No, because of this: You can choose the language and the level (basic, conversational, fluent, native/bilingual) on the profile page. You get that option on the order page, after you leave the review that goes on their profile. I’ve never seen that option, I’ll try to find it on the next order. I find it hard to believe that would put off buyers though. Changed my language to native. Thanks for the tip.
  5. According to your profile, you live in the UK, but you speak English at a basic level, and you don’t speak any other languages. Potential buyers might think that you’d be really difficult to communicate with. Also, you don’t respond to the reviews you get. Some people find it off-putting. Are you saying i only speak basic English because of the test i took on my profile? The reviews seem happy with my communication. I’ve left reviews for people who have bought gigs from me but I’ve never seen an option to respond directly to their review.
  6. Anyone? Am i doing something wrong on my gigs? https://www.fiverr.com/olie01
  7. Due to the nature of my gigs I’m unlikely to get repeat business too often and I only seem to ever land a order if I’m replying to as many buyer requests as I’m qualified for. I got a few positive reviews and managed to just hit the front page for a couple of my gigs and waited to see if anyone would order organically. In over a month I’ve had no orders. Is this just how things work for music producers on Fiverr? Edit: since I stopped pushing on getting buyer requests my best gig has only 8 clicks per week.
  8. What could be improved and does it feel professional? https://www.fiverr.com/olie01/make-your-unique-intro-music-with-a-easy-fast-order-system I did all the video, audio editing etc. myself. I’m finding the gig limit of 75 seconds to be a bit rough to showcase enough music. Thanks!
  9. SOUND THE NEWBIE ALARM! Welcome and enjoy working on Fiverr, it’s an interesting experience.
  10. “Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.” The above is from the Terms of Service under the heading General Terms. I swear I spent so long carefully reading and still missed it some how. Thanks for finding it for me.
  11. Where? I read through almost all of it (again) and couldn’t find any mention of what happens under those circumstances. I also searched for suspension and termination on the terms of service page to make sure I didn’t miss something related to it and couldn’t find anything.
  12. How safe is it to leave money on an account? If by some act of God my account gets shut down or something would all the funds be paid to me or taken by Fiverr?
  13. Voice over as I understand it is very saturated on Fiverr so there may be more competition. Your pricing is probably a little high for any amateur project to hire you. Your profile looks great to me, I don’t have audio so I can’t check the quality. I’ve never sold voice over though. Is it possible to lower the minimum amount of words for a gig? If someone needed around 25-50 for a game they wouldn’t order and you miss out on the reviews.
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