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  1. I usually say something to the tune of, “Here’s your completed order! If you need anything else, if you have an questions or concerns, please let me know!” While this doesn’t scream an invitation for revisions, it lets clients feel like they can request a small change rather than leave a subpar review.
  2. Just push through and keep doing as much marketing as you can. See if you can bring customers over to Fiverr. Waiting for buyers to find your gig makes you a sitting duck here, trust me! Usually, once you get a sale or two, your gig gets a boost, which can cause a nice snowball effect. Unfortunately, getting that sale or two is the hard part.
  3. Just gotta tough it out. Sometimes you get 3 orders in a day, sometimes no orders in a week! I know the downtime is rough. Going through one myself. I’m beginning to wonder if Fiverr is seeing less traffic overall since recent months.
  4. This is not a rant. It’s just a realization that the summer holidays that are upon us seem to be having some real effects on gig traffic. Some gigs will get more traffic, while others (like my school-related gigs) will suffer. Many gigs are somewhat seasonal, and it’s a good idea to be aware of this so you can make the necessary preparations. Maybe more marketing might be needed in the down seasons, or maybe it could be a better idea to focus on different gigs that might have more potential in that particular time. Good luck, fellow Fiverrs! P.S: Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Let me know!
  5. Buyer requests become much more accessibly once you reach level 1. As a new seller, you might see no request for weeks straight, even for a whole month.
  6. Let’s see how you feel about this when (if) you make TRS.
  7. If all of their gigs are within the same field or niche, then I wouldn’t be too skeptical. As an editor, I also rewrite essays. I write romantic poetry, and I also write essays based on poetry analysis. If they have several gigs that seem widely unrelated, then your concern becomes more valid, but even then, it’s possible that they really do have skills in different fields. Hardly anyone has only one specific skill. Another option could be that a seller is actually a team of people, working so they can cover a broader range of niches. I hope this makes sense 🙂
  8. Thanks for the encouragement. And of course, keep pushing! All the best 🙂
  9. Congrats to all of you awesome freelancers! I made practically nothing in my first month (about 6 months ago). This month is almost done, and I’m at exactly $1000. Hopefully, this income will soon surpass that of my day job.
  10. Very true. If you let them feel that you are super-dependent on their reviews and money, they might take advantage of that. You have to draw lines.
  11. The biggest irony is that the buyers with the most demands and usually the $5 customers. They try to milk $500 worth of work from that $5, and don’t even dream about getting a tip from them. The good news is, there are way more good buyers here than bad ones, so once you can see the red flags from early out (3 of which are well-outlined here), you should be good.
  12. It’s been a bumpy ride, but all things considered, Fiverr has been good to me. I just completed my 100th order, and although that number is tiny for many of you guys, it means a lot to me. To the veterans: many of you had inspired me to do my best here. To the newbies: Don’t worry, IT GETS BETTER. I started in November of 2018, but things only started to pick up in February, 2019. Many gain their momentum long before their third month, and many start making consistent sales years after joining - everyone’s timing will be different. My point is, if you remain CONSISTENT, you will eventually see some good results. Whether you have 0, 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000 sales under your belt, just keep pushing!
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