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  1. Last order 1 month ago. what is the problem? plz check it out–> https://www.fiverr.com/share/K4mZz
  2. ok thanks. i already taking a English course for improve myself!!!
  3. yes. you know i am not fluent in English for that have little bit problem. sorry !!! and can you give me some advice for developed my profile? i think you have lot’s of experience!
  4. oh sorry i think you mean that i am using multi fiverr account!! sorry i understand now. yes i have multi license for use theme!
  5. God promise i am not stealing that . this is developer version theme. that i buy for annually for use unlimited website!
  6. OK thanks your advice!! I always try to put quality work 1st !!! for that I think i got valuable review! thanks
  7. @humanissocial is not a man! spelling mistake. thanks
  8. @humanissocial no mam i don’t have multi license account! :roll_eyes:
  9. see the best selling gig offer $5 or $10 so how they offer? so your talking means that they and I also use cracked themes? so How they have placed the best selling gig? i am new for that i offer $5 . but after getting few order price should be increasing… very funny your talking! lol!!!
  10. I think you don’t know about developer version theme! this is not cracked theme this is life time update-able theme. When i Create the Gig i research other seller packaging price and see that many seller offer same basic package and then finalize my pricing. 😑
  11. so my account 5* review doesn’t prove that I am enough professional and quality worker? so if anyone gives 1* what does mean? I am really confused about your word and I don’t understand! 😟
  12. ok thanks. but see my other buyer review!!! they give me good review.
  13. Gig age 2 moth but not get a single order. plz, tell me what’s wrong in my gig. check it out–> https://www.fiverr.com/share/pqNDY
  14. No. But if happen to all i think fiverr gig analytics don’t show correct data.
  15. hello 1st i create the post but i don’t understand that why need to approve the post. so i create this post . after that the post is approved.
  16. Last 7 days I have lots of impressions and click but no order. see 🥺 my one gig Analytics is can you help me to check my profile and tell me what is the problem about in my profile and gig. ** **
  17. I have 11k impression and 128 clicks in the last 7 days. and the last day my one gig impression is 2.5k and 7 clicks. But I don’t get any orders. what is the problem? can you check my profile and gig? and tell what wrong in my profile? 😢 my new gig https://www.fiverr.com/wordpress_land/speed-up-wordpress-seo-speed-optimization-yoast-plugin-wp-rocket-gtmetrix-onpage
  18. can you visit my gig= https://www.fiverr.com/wordpress_land/sales-funnel-landing-page-clickbank-sales-page-clickfunnels-up-sell And tell me why I don’t get order. what can I do for getting order.
  19. @misscrystal yes! Thank you so much!☺️
  20. Sounds like a big security risk doing that though. I’m surprised that CS wanted to know your passwords. @uk1000 sorry it’s not password. its email. sorry for mistakes
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