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  1. Am I the only one who finds this funny :rofl: : Your buyers are chivalrous :rofl: On a more serious note, do you follow up on the conversation? Like: Buyer: hi You: hello, how may I help you or how are you today? Try following up with the buyer and see if it gets you any where.
  2. I just checked your gig and to be sincere somethings are out of place. The first thing you’ll want to tweak is your paragraphs. As a writer that was the first thing I noticed. Your description is muddled up with no space. Try using the Enter key to create short paragraphs. Like I’m doing here. If there are no paragraphs in your post, it becomes harder to read and buyers will basically ‘bounce’ off the page once they open it. Secondly, your opening is very basic. Try using your imagination, think of what your buyers are seeking and use it to convince them.
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