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  1. Well i contacted the fiverr support team, waiting for their remarks.
  2. If two Fiverr Accounts exist on same IP Address and Categories are almost same however, second account prepared by someone without telling anyone then in such scenario what fiverr will do… Which Account will fiverr close and what action does First account holder should do to save his account???
  3. Facing same issue from last 45 days and fiverr response is quite disappointing… It seems that account is demotivated as per their soo called algorithm or we have to wait for our next good luck…
  4. Hi there, I’m Level Two seller on Fiverr and from last 45 days i’m receiving irrelevant buyer requests on my Data Entry Gig… Also the gig receiving very few buyer requests. Tried refreshing the Gig multiple times and Customer support doesn’t bother to resolve this issue. Any one facing this issue and what you do to resolve it… Thanks
  5. Yes same happens with me and other numerous sellers on fiverr, experienced one facing hard times here. I’m on Level Two and haven’t got orders or getting buyer requests of my category from last 30 days.
  6. Facing same issue from last 30 days, I’m level two seller on fiverr and suddenly all black. No buyer request coming, Gigs are down to nill and lack of customer support to tell what exactly they have done…
  7. Well from last 30 days buyer requests related to Data Entry isn’t coming, previously i got direct orders from buyers or via buyer request section. Plus fiverr shift my gig towards last pages in that phase when i was earning the most. It seems that shifting my gig also affects buyer requests section offers…
  8. Greetings, I’m Level two Seller on fiverr with 5 star rating. Wanna know that does anyone here facing issue regarding no buyer request related to Data Entry task or category. If yes then what you had done to overcome it. I am not receiving Data Entry buyer requests… Waiting for response…Thanks
  9. Same happens with me, buyer request not coming related to Data Entry tasks… Not sure what problem is there… Have edited my gig multiple times but all in vain…I’m Level Two seller on fiverr
  10. Hi there, I’m Level two seller on fiverr and from last year i have been working on Data Entry Gig which was performing pretty well and gaining attention of buyers. June was best month for me on Fiverr and due to busy schedule i didn’t notice but from July-20 onwards all my Gigs Impression reduced and now the situation is that from last month i’m not getting Data Entry buyer requests or getting irrelevant buyer request. Kindly help me how i can report this to Fiverr, Anyone facing same issue???
  11. Well same problem here, customer support didn’t respond to my query and i had to submit another complain…I’m level two seller and June-20 was best month for me but July-20 was worst… Fiverr gig re-shuffle bug or process isn’t good for sellers… Lets hope that all issues resolve soon…
  12. I’ve had times where my gig was rotated down, and stayed there for 2-4 weeks. It happens. Gig rotation in the search results is part of doing business here on Fiverr. Sometimes the rotation lasts a week, sometimes longer. It all depends upon factors that we will never know. When your gig is down in the results, use that time to improve your gig, and engage in effective OFF-SITE marketing. It is unwise to expect Fiverr to provide all of your sales. Reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. Same thing is happens to my Gig, I’m Level two seller but what is see is that they correct the Gigs analytics parameter and in that process they derail the Gigs positions…
  13. Same here, trying everything but still not getting the results… Last month was amazing but July seems to be worst…
  14. Same here, Level Two Seller, Last month was very good but nothing in this month… Gigs shuffle affects my sales badly…
  15. You did the work, so I’d say reject the cancellation request. However, keep in mind that the buyer can give you a bad review after the order is marked as complete, and/or do a chargeback (he’d get banned in the case of chargeback, but buyers who do it don’t care whether they get banned or not). I launched a complain on Fiverr Customer Support but i am stuck what to do, Accept the Request of Buyer and wait for Fiverr Response or Reject the Buyer Request and wait what he do next or what Fiver Customer Support will do…
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