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  1. Hello. Hi. Just wait it out and you’ll get orders rolling in
  2. It must be next to the message he sent to you or go to his profile. Next to the profile picture, you will see a report button. Ohh thanks, I’ll report him for making multiple accounts and for buying a positive review
  3. Good thing I didn’t go by what the buyer said, he told me he’d pay me $10 to give him a positive review and he got his 1st account banned, now he’s messaging me with his 2nd account
  4. Oh thank you for the reply, the buyer keeps messaging me on giving him a positive review on his business and is willing to pay me $10… if I block him, will it affect my response rate?
  5. Someone was messaging me and asking me to give him a positive review on his business for $7. His first account where he messaged me got banned since I saw the “you can’t send the buyer a message”, and I think he got banned for that reason, and now he’s using another Fiverr account to send me a message. Is it actually banned in Fiverr to pay people for testimonials?
  6. This month, I usually get 5 clients per 3 weeks and around 9 people messaging me in Fiverr. Now this month, for the whole 30 days, I had no clients or contacts whatsoever. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? I tried checking my gig’s stats and seems Fiverr is still working on it, is this the cause of me loosing orders or is this site-wide?
  7. I’ve consistently gotten 5 star ratings on every order I’ve gotten.
  8. My gig has been up in the top 5s to top 30s for the past few months and when I just changed my gig thumbnail and my gig description, my gig just disappeared from the search engine and other competitors rose up the search. I assume it’s because of the gig thumbnail and description, but I literally just added a few sentences and a few words. I improved the gig thumbnail by making it more “professionally” and more “moderny” looking. Is this normal? My gig just experienced it’s highs, it’s middle thing, and now I’m experiencing the lowest lows.
  9. I put “Dropship” in a TON of quotation marks as a sign of outsourcing being similar to Dropshipping…
  10. I’ve put dropship in quotes, but yeah I meant outsourcing. Thanks for the feedback Just needed some info if sellers normally do this
  11. I don’t know if this is doable but here’s the scenario and what I mean by “Fiverr Service “”“DropShip””"" " Let’s make a scenario: Bob charges $20 for a graphic design service, client orders from Bob and pays Bob $20. Bob uses his other $20 from his card to spend it on graphic design service that John offers. John’s gig has the same delivery date as Bob and John only charges $5 for his service. So Bob and John wins. A win-win situation. Now you know what I mean by Fiverr Service “”“Dropship”"", is it actually possible though? Does it break any Fiverr rules, and as far as I remember, it doesn’t. So is it doable, abides by Fiverr rules, and good? Need some feedback…
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