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  1. Order was completed and I also received 5 star rating! Even then buyers can cancel the order and apply for a chargeback.
  2. Those who selected Taxable and provided PAN info. are getting only 1% Tax deduction. That’s exactly what I did.
  3. Update 2: Got an email from Fiverr. We Protect You From Fraud Chargebacks Good news! Your revenues for the canceled order by xxxxx due to a dispute were returned to your account, without affecting your cancellation rate. You can withdraw these funds from your account after a safety period of 7 days. Thanks, The Fiverr Team!
  4. hi Thanks for the info. I just removed the site link and buyers username.
  5. Update: The order is still canceled, buyer’s profile is still not accessible (not even from another account). But the funds are back in my account. Earlier the Pending clearance date was 10th June! now It’s reduced to 3rd June. Thanks, Fiverr! 11580×175 16.5 KB
  6. Delivered an order. It was 10 Articles ($130 USD) for a website. Published the content on buyer’s site. Got 5-star ratings and positive feedback “Amazing work!! Extremely fast and reliable!! Will definitely order again” And after 10 hours “THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE” I received this message. Now the buyer’s profile is gone and he also changed his Wordpress website password so that I can’t get back my articles. I just contacted CC, let see what’s their take. And this is the second time something like this happened to me, last time Fiverr did nothing. Buyers are scamming sellers. Fiverr should do something to prevent this. I just lost $130 and Provide 10 articles for free. Here’s the buyer’s website " ". Content is published and indexed. There is no way to get it back. A bad day on Fiverr!
  7. Just wait we can’t do anything on this issue. My issue was resolved automatically after 1 month.
  8. Capture1626×945 78.5 KBYeah! facing same issue ! I think they are implementing a new feature called early payout ( by paying some extra fee )
  9. Same Issue, It’s been 6 months, still no fix
  10. yeah, i contacted Customer care and they are like we are working on it to resolve.
  11. I know sir it takes 14 days to clear funds. But After completed an order, revenue added in the Pending clearance section, right? my issue is that the revenue is still doesn’t added in the Pending clearance section. It’s showing $92 which is from earlier order, with this completed order, it supposed to be $140 ( 92 + 48 from this order). Thanks For replying
  12. 3 days back I completed an order and still, the revenue is not added in my Pending clearance. I tried to contact with CS they always give me the same reply. I just want to know is there something wrong from buyer’s side or it’s a technical glitch from the fiverr side?
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