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  1. thanks for sharing the 5 myths video. it was very interested and has really opened my eyes. thanks again
  2. It’s the same with me. I usually use this as my gauge. I really hope they get it resolved soon. It’s been really too long.
  3. I cannot see Fiverr’s French Grammar test, I’m only seeing English, Italian and Spanish. I know that Fiverr removed some of the tests in March but French wasn’t supposed to be one. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Are there any recommendations that could help resolve this issue?
  4. Hi check out Fiverr’s how to improve your gigs. you can search it on the home page. With respect to your gig, I think you should include a call to action… instead of saying so if your business needs a professional website, you should say something like" Do you need a professional website? Place your Order Now!..something like that.
  5. Kudos to Fiverr for recognizing the potential impact of this virus on businesses and for offering assistance
  6. Welcome to the forum. I can’t seem to see any gigs by you. I tried searching
  7. Hello. Welcome to the Fiverr community. Make sure that each gig is designed according to the Fiverr’s rules so that they don’t get denied. Be as specific as you can be in your description of each gig. Make each gig picture attractive to the eyes. Price your gigs appropriately. Ensure that you use the best tags so that your gig can be easily seen by viewers. Choose the category that best fits your gigs when completing each gig.
  8. Not entirely correct. You have to use mask with carefully. What I mean by carefully? The answer is your Cleanliness। If the mask is not a valuable item during this time, why the price is going high dramatically? Actually the best thing would be to adhere to proper hygiene practices such as proper hand washing; keep your hands out of eyes and face; and avoid contact with ill persons. Also if people do have symptoms then they should stay away from well persons. There is a lot that we still don’t know about this virus but I suspect that it will eventually become like any other flu virus.
  9. well come to Fiverr. What this means is that when buyers want a certain job done they make requests on the system and this request will be seen by all persons who offer gigs specific to what the buyer is requesting. You have the option of making an offer to such buyers who will then choose which buyer they will go with.
  10. You’re welcome. Also, post share your gigs on social media often even daily.
  11. someone recommends bout 16 hours a day. Or you can at least keep the app opened on your phone or other device so that it will show up that you are online rather than offline. This will increase the chance of buyers seeing your gig.
  12. Hi, I got some great points form a successful Fiverr Seller. That person recommends that you always ensure to be online all the time if possible on fiverr; use social media to advertise your business; and pay close attention to buyer’s request. Also check out the forums and most of all be patient. Perhaps you can do a search and see where your gig comes up.
  13. I’m glad to hear about this new offer. I will definitely be checking it out for my business
  14. This is good advice. On the whole marketing of the gigs especially on social media platforms seems to be very helpful. Things are a little slow with me as well but do what you can and tough it out. Keep positive. I actually had to make some changes to some of my gig photos( improved the images, changed color) and I found that there is a noticeable improvement in terms of views and clicks, I just need the orders to flow in. This is all part of the business.
  15. Hello forum members. I’m new to Fiverr. It’s been a very interesting experience so far.I have quite a bit to learn. I realise there’s a lot of reading I have to do to keep up to date and there is an abundance of helpful resources.
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