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  1. Hello, I have spoken to couple of people who are reporting this service is no longer working? As it is still showing on the help pages I am not aware of the service being discontinued however my fiverr triggers are no longer working? Is anyone else still using IFTTT with fiverr? I am trying to figure out if the problem is local or general? Kind Regards
  2. I know this is an old thread, but people get super upset when you start a new one if there is another one somewhere in existance. I have been using fiverr - Ifttt for about a year now and it’s incredibly helpful. When orders come through I have the information populated into a trello board and it saves me so much time and heartache. Anyway recently it has stopped working and I have done some tests on my ifttt to see where the problem lies and I have determined that the problem is the connection between fiverr and ifttt. I have created now 3 IFTTT accounts and each is connected to fiverr but none of them are working. I have contacted fiverr customer support but they are just telling me to talk to ifttt. Is there anyone here who can help ? Thanks for your time x
  3. Would you mind telling me when you meet the requirements to be top rated… I wonder how long you have been waiting since you met all the requirements to the date you were promoted 🙂 Congrats again 🙂
  4. You’re welcome 🙂 Good luck out there x
  5. Waiting is one way to go… Here’s another… Do your research and make sure your SEO is on point.Send as many PERSONALIZED buyer requests as you can each dayThe caps is not me shouting just wanted to emphasis the point.Promote yourself on social media, you may have some social media buddys who would like your service and can help give you a lil boost.Have a cuppa tea because you’ve been working hard to smash 1-3Get that first sale, spit the tea everywhere in excitement and get started on the first project.
  6. Buyer Requests, Cheap Starting Price and Deliver more than the customer expects 🙂 Good Luck Buddy x
  7. In my experience the best way to help keep momentum on your orders is only to increase your prices when the demand is higher then your ability to keep up with it. If you can practically complete 4-5 projects a day then keep delivering fantastic deliveries and the positive reviews and order will mean more orders will come through. When you are getting too many to keep up with simply bump up your prices which will naturally slow down your orders to something more manageable. This way you can price yourself into a sensible workload. You are happy with the price you are receiving but you are still able to commit the right amount of time to each project 🙂
  8. I think the current system is fair, I appreciate you want to leave the bad review because of the negative experience you had but the person has probably wasted many hours of their time on a project that they will not be paid for. Also their metrics will be worsened by the cancellation and this will affect their likelihood of receiving more orders. I think on top of the time lost and stats decrease a bad review would be a little much. Also as for not being able to make a note of which sellers you would like to avoid. You can simply block the seller (I believe from the mobile app) so that you don’t see their gigs anymore and avoid them.
  9. I wonder if any top rated sellers could provide their experience as to how long it took from meeting all the TRS requirements to being promoted? I appreciate it is not an automatic process and each persons time will vary but it may give an indication or an average 🙂 Yesterday (Or today) I hit all the requirements and I just wonder how long our current TRS’s had to wait? 🙂
  10. It’s always a little upsetting when an order is canceled but don’t worry it only lasts on your metrics for 60 days. Keep your chin up and complete as many orders as you can as well as you can 🙂
  11. The best way to get orders at an early stage is to do your research on fiverr seo and make sure that your gigs are set up in the best way to get views from fiverr customers. Ensure your gig images show off how awesome you are and having a video is a must too. It can explain what you can do and show off your portfolio. Once you gain a few orders the momentum will build if you keep delivering above and beyond what the customer expects.
  12. Oh Yea! but did you mean conditional requirements? That sounds like a great idea.
  13. If you think this is a good idea please vote and comment “Come On Fiverr Team :)” This will help keep the post visible and help make this a permanent feature 🙂 Some of my extra add-on services are included in the premium package but Fiverr does not have an option to stop these add-ons being added to a premium order. This means my clients will often purchase my premium gig and then also purchase an option which is included already inside the premium gig as an extra. I have labelled what comes in my packages in both the description and (Due to running out of space) more information is available in the FAQs but still, clients purchase the premium package and the extras which are already included. This can lead to order cancellations and confused and upset clients. I have created the image below to show how it should work. Some of the add-ons that we create should be compatible with some packages and not with others (For example the packages which included more things) I have already emailed this idea to Fiverr and they said it was a great idea and they would pass it on to the development team but I was hoping that if this post got enough traction and support. The suggestion might be prioritised or at least backed up by the community. Just to be clear - My Idea is the little checkbox that sits next to each custom extra which allows the seller to decided which extras are compatible with which order packages. Yes - Fantastic IdeaNo - This won’t benefit anyone0voters
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