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  1. And the part in line 5 that says ‘seller further confirms that whatever information they receive from the buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of work to the buyer’ can you help understand that?
  2. From the attached picture i screenshotted from the TOS page, there is a part that says ‘any exchange of personal information required from the completion of service must be provided in order page’ does it mean a seller can ask for buyer’s Email to deliver an active order? It is in the third line of the attached screenshot.
  3. Thanks y’all, i really appreciate your response.
  4. You mean wait for next evaluation?
  5. Hello fiverr, please i completed the requirements for level 1 and it has not reflect on my profile, my question is, do i have to wait for next evaluation or is this a temporary bug, awiting for your response, regards. Kenny.
  6. Yes he’s right, it took apprx 45min to upload a project of 21mb today. But the mobile app seems to be okay
  7. Contact the support and explain in details, https://www.fiverr.com/support
  8. Hi, could you please take your time to check out my gigs and tell me how to improve. Here is the link to my gigs https://www.fiverr.com/khenz211?up_rollout=true Best regards.
  9. You can’t force a buyer to review, i had similar issue with my first ‘buyer’, regards.
  10. Hi there, i tried to change my paypal E-mail address but fiverr did not mail me the verification code… Anytime i click on save changes a new text pop up above saying ‘there is no paypal address associated with the email provided’ any help?
  11. good day, please i tried to withdraw money from my fiverr account vie paypal, but anytime i move the pointer to the paypal option i see ‘no earning to withdraw’…can anyone explain why this happen all the time, regards.
  12. thanksssssss!, i just decrease the zoom size, thanks once again
  13. Hi there, just want to know if i can use the buyer request option when surfing fiverr on desktop. thanks.
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