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  1. Hello every one i am very confused this fiverr account is my father can i attached my back account on fiverr payoneer account… Please suggest me how can i do… thanks CAD4_3D_JEWELRY
  2. oops “samir300197” Assalamualaikum bro… And thank you so much for give better suggestion. Thanks a lot. CAD4_3D_JEWELRY
  3. Thank you so much ami300197 … one Question when i deliver again my account is safe …means this is no effect in my account… thanks Best Regards Cad4_3D_jewelry
  4. Hello every one i am very confused . when i deliver my work client again want new changes without payment please tell me how can i do… make changes or deliver again… Or how can i do…?? i am very confused…
  5. Hello everyone i am new here. I am start my journey last 1 one month as a freelancer 4+ years of experience. Thank you…
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