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  1. you can just apply but fiverr will decide if you meets their requirements.
  2. You are a new seller and have few reviews on your gig. this is the reason as i know. fiverr checks quality of your gig and profile before allow to advertise. like on my profile only 2gigs allowed to advertise.
  3. read this article to know about The minimum withdrawal amount https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/withdrawing-funds
  4. Today I am feeling happy… Just I have completed 300 reviews on Fiverr… it is an amazing feeling and encourages me to do more and more work. Tips : -Take good care of your gig (description, title, picture, videos) -Take good care of your profile and show that you care and not here for just the money -Take good care of your customers -Deliver on time, answer messages, avoid cancellations… -Just care about what you do and you’ll do just fine Thanks
  5. I usually get 1/2 orders daily. But from last month I got only 10 orders. I don’t know where is the problem.
  6. same problem. not getting new clients. 😦
  7. yes, you are right. I also use Grammarly to check on my grammar. Fiverr always suggest it on the seller dashboard slider. thanks for sharing. 🙂
  8. you have 93%. don’t take the stress. just try to respond faster. I use Fiverr android app to reply when I’m out.
  9. I checked your Average. Response Time 1 hour. according to this, you are very responsive. why do you want to automate this? Don’t do this. Fiverr will ban you if you try to do any automated process. my friend used an auto refresh browser plugin to be always online. he got banned after a month. so don’t try to automate anything.
  10. They used custom MVC Framework like Laravel, CodeIgniter. 💯
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