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  1. A three-strikes rule would be lovely! Or even just a way for the buyer to view the work but not download it before accepting the order…
  2. I had a lovely buyer two days ago that ordered multiples of my basic package (and they didn’t even haggle for a lower price - it was beautiful). The buyer left a tip and this is where it starts to go South. The email notifying me of the tip showed a message asking for a custom offer and a couple other questions, but because the order is completed I cannot respond. The buyer never inboxed me first, we only chatted on the order page, so I have no way of messaging them. It kind of makes me look rude and unprofessional - I get a great, easy to work with buyer that leaves a good tip and positive feedback but I can’t answer their questions. I understand the restrictions are in place to reduce spam but it would be lovely to be able to message a previous buyer, even when they just directly placed an order. Anyone else ever run into a situation like this? It’s rather frustrating.
  3. If you contact customer support, they might cancel the order without it lowering your completion rating since the buyer is violating the TOS with their request. Good luck!
  4. You can do it by adding more images, or highlighting your experience in your description. Tell them what makes you amazing! I’m not 100% sure if I can put links in, but try googling “writing copy that sells”. I took another look at your gig, and it looks like you added in your experience, so that’s awesome! 🙂 My views, clicks and impressions sky rocketed before I started to get orders on one of my gigs. I think it’s a good sign that you have decent ranking in the search results. Are you doing any marketing outside of Fiverr to bring in customers? I found that I got a lot more orders after getting my first few, buyers seem to be more willing to purchase once there are reviews on a gig.
  5. There are three things that jump out from the description at me… And she’s quite the expertYou’d make the best decision ever choosing me.I hope I have persuaded you enough…that would make me second guess purchasing. You’re telling your customers you are an expert and amazing at what you do, but you aren’t showing it to them. I think adding some additional images of websites that you’ve created to your gig portfolio might help. The video is super quick (I do like how you tied that into the website speed), so some still images might help them see what a site you’ve created would look like. 🙂
  6. Most likely at Tim Horton’s. ☕ They get quite a bit of my money, but without coffee there would be no money to begin with lol.
  7. It’s possible he won’t use them then, or he might use them as a base for a design. He might surprise you and place the order, but he might not. It’s hard to say. If he is a reseller, he might be showing it to the end client to see if they want to hire you or not. What I would do is not message him (you do not have an open order, so he could just mark it as spam or block you if he gets annoyed) and wait to see if he responds. If he places the order, awesome! If he doesn’t, just remember this next time someone wants a custom sample. I don’t have any experience in design, I write, but when I have a buyer that really wants a custom sample we work out a small bit of work (like one product description) for a small price. That way you get paid for your time making the sample and the buyer has an idea of what your designs look like. I’m not sure how it would work in your niche, but I’m sure you could find a way to do something similar.
  8. Did you send this to the buyer without him placing an order? You should never start work without an order being placed first, because you have absolutely no options if a buyer just takes your design and vanishes.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I’m a numbers nerd, so I find it fascinating how $4 USD works out differently for all of us, depending on the economy of our country. @millionsaremine I went to Jamaica when I was 12 and there are three things that have stuck with me: seeing grass in March, how beautiful it is there, and the price of things. I did not understand that the prices were not in CAD. I thought we were paying like $40 for a bottle of water. :rofl: @pacquo I’m not a 100% sure about where @topaz_muse lives, but I know that our dollar stores in Canada sell Italian ice and it is pretty much ice cream, but more like a snow cone.
  10. @muhammad_osman What is the average price of things in Pakistan? We’ll go with the sandwich example, does a $5 work out to enough in PKR to buy a sandwich? @mariashtelle1 London sounds expensive! Although we probably aren’t far behind, as our petrol prices just went to nearly $5 a liter and all our food prices are going up with it. EDIT: Apparently what I read was an April Fool’s joke and our petrol only went up $0.05/L. :woman_facepalming: It is food that is jumping in price the most from it (mini watermelons went from about $5 to $10, celery from about $2 to $6).
  11. What’s a USD “Fiverr” worth in your country and how does this reflect in the pricing of your gigs? In Canada, $5 USD is $6.67 - a $5 gig nets you $5.34 CAD after Fiverr’s cut (that is today’s exchange rate, but it stays about the same). When I price my gigs, I set them at the total Canadian I want to be paid, and usually end up with a bit more because I try to withdraw when the CAD is lower.
  12. Cringes That’s an awful message to get. 😣 I just sent screenshots and they had my response rate fixed by the next day. Good luck and hopefully you don’t get any more creeps messaging you!
  13. This happened with my response rates, too. I had two spam messages and I didn’t answer them because 1. I didn’t see them, and 2. it said they wouldn’t count towards the response rate, but they did. I messaged support and they corrected it, it was just a bug.
  14. You got it! It’s Margaret. I have an idea what yours is, but I will let the next person guess.
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