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  1. Thanks, @smashradio I just changed the gig title. And thanks for confirming that my gigs are searchable!
  2. My seller level dropped for a while and I wasn't active on Fiverr, but I've cleaned up my profile and my ratings are all good, 5-stars, all green on response rate and completions. I want to build back up to where I was but NONE of my gigs seem to be publicly findable. They're active, but when I open a different browser and try to find my gigs through search or browsing key attributes, they don't appear. What could be keeping me invisible on Fiverr?
  3. I’m trying to understand the gallery logic. What determines which projects end up in the gallery? Does the age of the project have anything to do with it? Do older projects that once appeared in the gallery eventually get phased out of it?
  4. Why doesn’t Fiverr enforce the revision limits in gigs? I had a recent buy purchase my cheapest gig package and ask for 5 revisions (I allow 2 revisions only). Eventually I had to just cut them off, it was getting out of hand. Seems like a missed opportunity for Fiverr to benefit from revision limits, too. Buyers have no incentive to purchase additional revisions when they get them for free. Why not just have the system disable revision requests once the limit is reached, or prompt the buyer to purchase additional revisions? Win-win for all of us, Fiverr included.
  5. I got one scam message within the same day I set up my account and first gig. Someone asking me to text them about a job. I guess new accounts are a preferred target for scammers. 😄
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