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  1. Thank you for the amazing tip! That’s pretty cool to know even though we all hope never to get any warnings. Cheers!
  2. How long do you plan to travel? Being a digital nomad must be tough, so make sure you find a way to balance work with your passion! Best of luck, Arrigo.
  3. This has nothing to do with the UI. It’s more of a boundary set by Fiverr. I honestly don’t think it’s such a big deal, but if that API is so important to you than I understand your frustration.
  4. Focus on one gig! Why make 5 if you can’t make any sales with just one? It doesn’t look professional. Also, don’t use other people in your pictures if it’s not you. I don’t know anything about your niche so I can’t help you there. First suggestion is get rid of four gigs and focus on one that encompasses what you do, then promote it and improve it. Cheers.
  5. Actually, Payoneer is a better solution if you want a direct transfer. The money goes through immediately, unlike PayPal. It’s a bit faster depending on where you live. PayPal is super fast in the US and some other places. However, fees are very similar and you always end up getting pretty much the same amount of money independently of currency exchange.
  6. Very, very interesting post. Here is what I think. This is partially true. Some writers might be just starting out and do it just because they wouldn’t know any better. I think that would be fine to learn and grow in writing. What would NOT be fine is a seasoned writer who goes in and shares work from big companies, not having the right to do so. Also, although I do not recommend sharing previous work done for other clients, some clients do not end up really using what you’ve done (not because you’ve done a bad job but because they were unsure about their business ideas) so sharing some things wouldn’t be the end of the world. That said, I agree with you that it should not be done and that other methods should be used. These are people who do not understand the value of human-vetted work. They think people on Fiverr are machines ready to churn through twenty articles in three days. The loss is on them for thinking about business and people this way. I find that a good brand image is the best indicator of quality on Fiverr. If a writer has 1000 reviews, but recycles the same “cutesy”, non-professional picture throughout their profile, I think of them as bulk writers, which is mostly the case. That doesn’t mean that they provide bad quality, it just means that they operate in a way which is not custom fit or specialized, which is generally not what a business would want. Maybe a small, non-savvy one, but definitely not big ones. I mean, if you have to work that much for it, it’s much better to create a blog. It also shows expertise in areas other than writing. — — — Overall, great topic guys. I learned a few things.
  7. Hello, nice to meet you! Good luck with everything!
  8. Heyo, I’m Italian as well but let’s speak in English so that everybody can enjoy the conversation. Seven years on Fiverr?? That’s a long time to collaborate with someone on here, awesome. What made you switch from independent freelancer to Fiverr? Cheers, Arrigo.
  9. I mean taking the time to analyze if keywords have changed in your niche, what the competitors are doing, and how you can use better ones in your gigs. Also, improving images… I often do that if I go OOO for a long time, always works and I go back up. Maybe even do one of the Fiverr skill tests, anything to make sure that Fiverr’s crawler sees you active again! My impressions for example aren’t sky-high, but my thumbnails help me with the clicks, which also helps the ranking obviously. Tweak the gigs, don’t leave them like you’ve always had them. I always change something, even the FAQ! Never had any problems finding clients that way. Cheers!
  10. Hi George, what’s your niche? Have you updated your gigs after coming back? It’s very important that you refresh your profile and gigs after you go OOO. Cheers, Arrigo.
  11. Hey guys, If you’ve had the chance to see some of my posts, you know that I love Fiverr and that I would never give it up for anything else, at least right now. However, do you ever take the time to work on career projects that have nothing to do with Fiverr growth? Something like creating your own website (which could link to your Fiverr gig) or looking into local opportunities? I’m building a blog not only to potentially increase my impressions on Fiverr, but also to get my name out there in the wild. What’s your opinion? Do you think you should create your own tools or grind it out and make sure you get to a strong income as quickly as possible using the tools that Fiverr offers? I’m more inspired to work on Fiverr if I take some breaks and work on side projects. What’s your take? Cheers, Arrigo
  12. that’s a nice little tease, well done… 😉 Yeah, I was wondering which one was the worst as well hahaha
  13. this is why the question raised that delivering what was not included in the agreement seems as buyers will/can expect to get EXTRA work free of cost. If I over deliver to make them happy or to get some positive words is like that was not good what have done for the client. I should focus on to make the client happy with the actual work which is included in the agreement. You do have a point though. Interesting view, noted!
  14. I think it’s important to deliver a gig above the expectations of the buyer. If you take a read through my reviews you’ll see how happy my clients are compared to other sellers in my niche. It’s those great reviews that allow me to have my high prices. This. When I started exceeding the expectations of my clients, I started getting reviews describing my service as “phenomenal”, which is humbling to say the least. I love it, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything else. However, I understand why someone wouldn’t want to give more, it makes sense. As a writer, writing 300 words more doesn’t cost me much in terms of efficiency. It might differ for other niches.
  15. I do not think so. 🙂 That’s ok, to each their own. Fiverr is a free platform 😉
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