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  1. Fiverr forum is the most power source which help you to get start on Fiverr just because Fiverr forum is full of expert Senior their observations and experiences help us to solve our problems. Famous quote:"If you want to learn something then adopt the company of seniors just because they faced all problem which are facing now"
  2. Buyers request depends on how much effective your gigs tags are if you are using inappropriate tags then you will get no BR try to do some research about tags and use appropriate tags in your gigs. After doing proper research and using proper tags you have to stay active using Fiverr Mobile App and then you have to observe your BR every 30min (I know this is tough job but its effective) Please Remember one thing when ever you find requests, “DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OR APP I REPEAT DO NO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OR APP” coz some time it happens if you get some requests on Refresh it will disappear. Best way is to send offer on given projects which you are able to do/handle then you may refresh. if luck happens you got some more requests then go for then if no then do same daily and note the time duration in which you will get those offer and that time is yours, You will get requests daily probably. I hope you like my observations Thanks
  3. There are many reasons behind this 1-Fiverr is using escrow system which means you have to pay first to 3rd party then after completing order payment is given to seller and logo files to you using 3rd party 2- You place order and never check back your profile as after three days of order if buyer did not response the order will me marked completed by Fiverr system So i thing you did 1st thing which you did not know earlier
  4. Hi, I hope you are fine. Here are some of my observations you can follow these. 1-Make attractive Titles which includes keyword then make 2 primary 3 secondary keywords and 3-use same five keywords in tags but make sure your first primary keyword and first tag will be same. 4-use that 5 keyword in your description 5-Make less pricing then your competitors. 6-Make your own thumbnail which convey your whole gig in one pic. Few things to avoid while designing your gigs. 1-No fiverr logo 2-No best sellers badge 3-No level badge 4-No 5star rating Using of these thing in your thumbnail will result you in the form of warning. Wish you best of luck I hope this will help you a lot. Regards. Cool
  5. hello everyone, I m using fiverr since 2016 all goes well in 2018 i got ranked on first page of photoshop editing but due to some reason i got canceled some orders approximately 10 orders all the time. which effects my ranking and dropped out from first page and disappeared, my ranking was just for 3 months. If any one help me to get an idea what to do now own words I need help to improve my gigs on the other side i did follow lots tips from other experts but didn’t get fruitful results. Regards Cool
  6. Congratulations!! On your 10k, Do pray for us all 🙂
  7. Find specific time according to your region and when ever you find request please do not refresh your page so they will remain once you refresh there is chance all will gone.So send all those you find.
  8. Because new seller offer services in lower price all you need is attractive images or portfolio in PDF form in your gig images section this will engage your buyer and they will definitely buy your service if you make strong feel of your skill set.
  9. Do not try to buy paid order as this is volition of TOS and don’t worry its normal some new seller get order within one week and some take months, if you really did all those you mention then send buyer requests daily and get order from there and share your gigs on SM and engage people to buy your services on Fiverr
  10. yes, Send 10 BR daily without missing any day and try to promote your gigs and do marketing like engage people on social media to buy your services on fiverr. Do these same on daily bases i hope you will get orders Happy fiverring
  11. There are many reasons behind this one of them is you are done all 10 BR request and you are exceeding to 10 Br requests,Other Reason is there is some internet issue form your end , restart your internet connection and try again last one logout and login after clearing your cache memory
  12. Forum is badge based system on every mistake you earned a badge and these badges are good as well as some are bad so you have to be attentive while posting.
  13. Sounds good but before start please read all Term and condition of sub categories of fiverr forum.
  14. Hi, One of my gig showing red arrows means my gig is getting down day by day. Anyone please look at my gig and let me know is there any thing which i need to improve Here is the link of my Gig : https://www.fiverr.com/coolbird001/create-killer-logo-in-24-hrs Thanks in Advance
  15. i m doing research if i found something then i will inform all
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