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  1. I guess it’s like a sub title for the gig page just like we have in html.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.😊
  3. Hey I recently saw a buyer request where the guy wanted to see a draft before assigning the job. I was kind of desperate for the job so I made up a quick design and submitted it with a watermark. I am not exactly sure how he liked it but I got neither a positive nor negative remark or the job. Is it advisable to take more preventive measures while delivering a draft to an unassigned job or just avoid such requests?
  4. Hey everyone, wanted to share a small incident I had. I never had a response time of more than 2 hours on fiverr ever since I joined but recently I sent out an offer to the buyer, she replied but it ended on my spam folder, it didn’t showed on my phone and as a result today my response rate came down to 7 hours! Beware of the spam folder!
  5. thanks for telling people you can’t demand reviews. That kind of things many times slip through the cracks.
  6. Successfully completed the new user tutorial.
  7. Yea you are right. It seems I wrote something un synchronized with my thoughts. Thanks.
  8. I really wish you good luck and hope you don’t let this obstacle stop you.
  9. I am a new seller and recently I completed 8 reviews. Can’t wait to pass the 10 order bench mark
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