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  1. Yes. You are able to use. Fiverr and Fiverr.com and affiliate.fiverr.com is different. So just remind that, you are not able to create double account using Fiverr.com or Affiliates.fiverr.com individually.
  2. How I will tell to my buyer to select this option? can you give me a screen shot of your sent massage. it will help me.
  3. Hi, When I deliver source file , I also deliver with a JPEG file. After Accepting order and giving feedback, there is not adding those pictures in my gig portfolio. My first 2 order was okay, but now i have delivered my 22 no. order. But still facing this problem. Why it is happening. How can i solve it. Please help me.
  4. What is the meaning about Express. I have 5 Gig, but it is showing under 1 gig.
  5. Hi, I am using Fiverr on both laptop and phone.I updated my app today. When i search my gig using my gig tag on laptop, i find my gig. Also when i click on my Gig, there is showing online. But when i select Online button (Filter section for search), i can not find my gig. Why? Please help me. please please 😦
  6. In my fiverr account, I had added a payoneer account for withdraw my balance. But there is some problems in my previous payoneer account i think. So i have created a new payoneer account and it is working good. I want to add this new payoneer account for withdraw in fiverr. Is it possible? Now my fiverr balance $20. It is my first withdraw. I can not find any edit/change option in billing section. What can i do for this? Please help me. Advance thanks.
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