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  1. Thank you alot! I’d definitely give that a read, thanks for taking out some of your time. ❤️
  2. I have just joined Fiverr as on 05/11/2018. Just to have a good flow on my journey on Fiverr, I want some tips on what I should improve about my profile or on my gig. Here’s a link to my profile, criticism is allowed! I’m open to every suggestions and will take them into consideration. https://www.fiverr.com/jaymestr Thank you in advance if you’re replying to this, your words will impact my future alot.
  3. Congratulations my dude on your orders, I hope I get mine soon too! @shahnewaztameem
  4. That is some good news to hear, congratulations my dude. About the tips, I don’t think I might be of any use as it’s my first day being here. Anyway, again congrats on your first perfect order! 😄
  5. I’m on the first day here, I have set up all the necessary info and stuff that’d needed for to start my gig. If only could anyone give me so tips on how to be more successful it’d be really helpful 😀
  6. Haven’t even gotten my first order yet I can connect to it somehow :thinking:
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