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  1. Mam, I have changed the pictures. Would you like to check it one more time? I will be very grateful to you.
  2. Oh. Right you are. Thank you so much. I will change my samples and title today.
  3. Mam, I have changed those things which you advise me. Would you like to check it one more time? I will be very grateful to you. Thank you.
  4. Thank you so much for your kind advise. I will update my descriptions soon as you say.
  5. Greeting. I hope all of you are doing well. I got Level 1 Batch about 7 months ago. And after getting my Level 1 batch I am not getting too much Order. When I was the new seller I got a minimum of 10-15 orders per month but after getting Level 1 batch I am getting 1-3 orders per month. Now my question is what’s wrong with my gigs or my account that’s why I am not getting order? Please check my gig:- https://www.fiverr.com/share/k8Ag0g Hope I will get too many suggestions from all of you. Thank you in Advance. Regards, Achiaakter.
  6. image1251×362 15.7 KBWhy it shows like there is active 2 buyer request. But there is no buyer request. It is showing here from the last 2 days. Please help me. Thanks in advance 🙂
  7. I am facing a problem with my fiverr mobile app. In my inbox always looking all contacts active online. But when I use my pc and login on fiverr then it looking good everything. What’s wrong with fiverr mobile app.
  8. Please follow YouTube tutorial for do something best.
  9. Please send 10 buyer request regular or promote your gig regular on social media . Thanks.
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